Torn Between Two Loves…Both of them Meat.

Those who keep up with my rambling may remember me recently writing about my favorite sandwich, in a post titled, “This is what love looks like…”  Well, Pickles Deli isn’t the only place in St. Louis with food that makes me feel like screaming praises to Jesus.  There is also Pappy’s Smokehouse, which is also in driving distance of my office.

Pappy’s was featured on the TV show Man vs. Food about a year or so ago, and that’s how I first heard of them.  (I have since met Pappy himself.  He has a big beard and a heart of gold.)  They make the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life.  (And YES, I’ve been to Gates in Kansas City.  Stop asking me that.)  The first time I had their pulled pork sandwich, I think we added “Derek eating a sandwich” to the poster in the office that lists what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.

We went there for lunch on Thursday.  That’s one of the big perks of my job.  Sometimes a client will come into town to say hello and they’ll take us out to lunch.  We’ve been to Maggie O’Brien’s, Culpeppers, Syberg’s, and even a couple of those places on the Hill whose names (and food) are all Italian and run together in my head.  We go to a lot of pretty nice places when a client comes to call.  Thursday, it was Pappy’s turn.

I usually get the pulled pork or the ribs.  Both are awesome.  However, since I wasn’t paying this time, I decided to branch out and try some other stuff.  I got the beef brisket and the turkey.  I’ve gotta say, that’s a hell of a brisket.  (The turkey’s fine, too…but the brisket rivals the pork!)  I was impressed enough after my first bite that I decided I wanted to share it with you all via cell-phone picture.  So, take a look…

You know you want it, baby.

So…if anyone’s ever up for a trip, I’ll come with.

…oh and because I forgot to post it last time, here’s a crappy cell-phone pic of the ladies on stage with the Zappa Plays Zappa band during “Keep It Greasy” from the other night.

The lady in the black shirt toward the right of the shot (by the far, stage left guitarist) told Dweezil "Your Dad was so amazing" when she came up on stage. Dweezil agreed. She spent most of the song staring at him on the verge of tears. A little creepy...but sweet.

So there ya’ go…


Current Listening:

  • A re-EQ/re-master of the old union jack demo from 1990-something (’95 or ’96, I think).  That was my high-school band.  I’ve promised Marc (the guitarist and friend of the blog) that I’ll send him a copy multiple times.  I’m finally at the point where I think I have it sounding clean enough to actually send it this weekend!  Man…what were we thinking in the 80s and 90s with cassette tapes?  Sure, I like the analog warmpth…but they sure didn’t maintain quality for very long.  (So you’ll see that soon, Marc.)

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