RIP You Good Leslie, You…

Okay…so that post title would’ve been better when Tony Curtis died…but whatever.

I’ve got another post that I’m slowly compiling that involves the cold I’ve been rocking for a couple of days, but I just wanted to take a second and express my sadness at hearing of the death of Leslie Nielsen.  I’d consider myself a pretty big fan of Mr. Nielsen’s…but I went to his IMDB page to look at his list of stuff and found that I’ve probably only seen about 1/8 of his appearances, if that.  Now, admittedly, a lot of the “Scary Movie” and “Spy Hard” stuff wasn’t my—or arguably ANYONE’S—cup of tea.  But even eliminating that stuff due to it being what it is, I’m probably still on the loser’s side of how much I’ve seen.

…but his did two Columbos, and damned if I haven’t seen those!  (I also remember him playing the role of God on “Herman’s Head,” of which I am both proud and embarrassed.)

Anyway, this is a “rest in peace” to Leslie.  I remember one time he did an SNL appearance and in the monologue, he said that he didn’t know why he was considered a comedic actor.  He said something to the effect of (massive paraphrase): “The things I say aren’t funny.  I say non-funny things in a non-funny way, and people laugh.  I don’t get it.”  What’s that old saying about dying being easy and comedy being hard?  Leslie Nielsen probably could’ve taught a doctorate-level class on that.

Well…I guess what I’m saying is “Thanks for all the laughs.”  Even though you were never funny.

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