Things I Like to Eat

I’m low on ideas…so here’s what I usually order from the fast food places I go to regularly…

If I’ve forgotten your favorite, just ask and I’ll add it.

  • Wendy’s – Spicy Chicken combo.  Sometimes a baked potato.
  • McDonald’s – Either a Double Quarter Pounder or the Chicken Selects.
  • Subway – Subway Melt with lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, banana pepper, black olives, mustard, salt, and pepper.
  • Bandana’s – Combo of usually turkey, chicken, sausage, and/or pork.  Also fries.
  • Long John Silver’s – Three chicken and two fish plate…or platter…or whatever they call it.
  • Wing Stop – 10 Original Hot (sometimes boneless), Large fries, Two rolls, Two things of Ranch.
  • White Barn – A burger and fried okra…sometimes also fries.
  • Steak ‘n’ Shake – Nothing now that they’ve stopped selling taco salads.  Just give me a damn shake.
  • White Castle – A sack of ten.  Sometimes also onion rings.
  • KFC – Anymore…the Variety Big Box serves me pretty well.
  • Penn Station – Large Club, or Reuben and Medium Fries.
  • Most Chinese Places – Kung Pow Chicken and Crab Rangoon
  • The Chinese Place by My Office – Empress Chicken and Crab Rangoon
  • Taco Bell – 2 Soft Tacos, 2 Beef Meximelts, and either a Bean Burrito or a Mexican Pizza.
  • Rally’s – Chilli Dog and Fries.  (I hate everything else there.)
  • Arby’s – French Dip, but I’d prefer something other than Arby’s.
  • Jack in the Box – Dead to me.  None of the “restaurants” have gotten my order right in like a year.  Dead. To. Me.

So if you’re stopping by one of those places…that’s my order.

…and I’m now realizing how weird it is that so many of the names of fast-food places are possessive.  Seems a majority end in “apostrophe, s.”  Interesting…kinda…

I promise I’ll have something decent to say soon.  Sorry about this.  🙂