Random Stuff

You know the drill by now…let’s rock…

  1. I like that it’s finally cold.  But they’re predicting temperatures in the 60s for a day or two next week…  That’s stupid.  It’s November.  LATE November.  It’s supposed to be cold.  So everybody wish for cold real hard, okay?
  2. There’s this radio station in town that started playing nothing but Christmas music this week.  (Maybe it started last week, actually…but I think it was this week.)  It’s been on non-stop at the office.  Couple of problems here.  (1) It’s not even Thanksgiving yet—WAY too early for Christmas music.  (2) As I’m sure we’ve covered in previous years, I’m not that big a fan of Christmas music.  I only like a handful of songs…and most of them are not played on radio.  I’m thinking my iPod and I need to counter with a little Misfits or something…
  3. Otherwise, work is fine.  🙂
  4. Speaking of the Holidays.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that’s my favorite holiday.  So yay.
  5. Still been enjoying the “Conan” show.  (And for the record, I don’t think I’ve heard one NBC joke all week.)  Somehow, even the Decemberists were made tolerable on this show.  Magic.
  6. George Lopez STILL isn’t funny.  Sorry.
  7. Having some trouble getting posts to stay posted on the “Empty Checking” page for some reason.  I don’t know if I’m violating their “terms of use” somehow or what…but I’ve had my last two uploads go missing on me.  Hoping to work that out, but until I do…I guess don’t expect a podcast this weekend…
  8. I keep trying to remind myself that I need to save money for Christmas.  Then I go to the comic book store, or we go somewhere cool for lunch, or there’s a new CD I for some reason can’t wait to hear long enough to put it on my Christmas List.  In short…you’re all getting tacos this year.  That’s all I can afford.  Sorry.
  9. Apparently there’s a “Wizard of Oz” remake in the works.  Now, I’m not that big a fan of the movie (or books)…but this still begs the question of “Why?”.  Why remake a classic that is still celebrated and loved by kids and adults alike?  Just seems insane.  …but I’d cast Christian Bale as the Scarecrow.  Just for irony.  (Geek joke.)
  10. I need at least two new tires.  All four are really low on pressure right now, due to the temperature change…but the front two are pretty much bare.  Dangerously so.  So I’m looking for a sale, if anyone runs across one.

And that’s it for now.  I’ve got some stuff I want to talk about at length, but I’ve got to motivate myself to write about them.

…until then…


Comic Books Purchased:

  1. Batman: The Return (One-Shot)
  2. Batman Incorporated – Issue #1
  3. Batman – Issue #704
  4. Avengers #7
  5. Darkwing Duck #6
  6. S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (Which was dug up just for me by the guys at the Fantasy Shop.)
  7. Morning Glories #4
  8. The Sixth Gun #6 (Which, incidentally, came out on Cullen Bunn’s birthday—he’s one of the creators.)


Music to Work By for 11/18:

  1. Willie Nelson – Country Music
  2. Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat
  3. Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic
  4. The Drams – Jubilee Dive
  5. Caedmon’s Call – [self-titled]
  6. Aimee Mann – Lost in Space
  7. Reverend Horton Heat – Holy Roller
  8. Frank Black & the Catholics – Show Me Your Tears