Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days.  Hopefully the little “freebie” attached to this post will make it up to you. 

This is a sampling of the next (upcoming) free-download thing in the “demos” section of DerekBrink.com.  Occasionally, I’ll sit around and play my own stuff in the privacy of my own basement.  Sometimes, I remember to press “record.”  It’s kind of cool to have a random sampling of myself attempting to play stuff I wrote, and I like re-listening to that stuff to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes, while I’m recording, the “producer” in me kicks in and I start layering in other tracks.  Usually that will lead to the song taking on a different life than it ever has before.  When the recordings get to that point—the point that it’s no longer a “demo” but officially a “recording”—I call it a “treatment.”

Lately, I’ve taken to “treating” songs from my actual records.  These treatments are in no way meant to replace the original performances, but are maybe kind of fun re-workings for people familiar with the more “official” versions.  In the case below, I sat and recorded a new version of “Stranger” (available in “official” form on the “Grounds” record at my website or on iTunes).  The original track was me playing my guitar and singing.  Just an acoustic and vocal.  Then I threw on an electric track.  Then three layers of background vocals, for fun.  Then mix, compress, EQ…and done!  🙂

For the record, the original performance is still there.  The lead vocal and acoustic guitar are the original take.  That’s why they sound a little “rough.”  First song I’d sung that day after being awake for less than an hour…and I wasn’t quite “there” yet.  But I like some of what my voice accidentally did, so I left it.  EDIT: Oh…and as a brief glimpse into my “process” I left in the part where I noted which guitars were used for my own benefit.  I played my Parkwood acoustic and my Gretsch electric.  I like the tag-on of “…and Gretsch” that I’ve got on there.  Made me laugh, so I left it.  🙂

I’m going to be putting this, and a few other (absolutely free) treatments on my website in the very near future, once I’ve mixed the others.  (There should be five, when I’m finished.)  But as a thank you to my readers (if any) for being so loyal (if true) and patient with my on-and-off dementia, I thought I’d give you first crack at this one.  🙂

So here you go…

Click here —> Stranger – 2010 Treatment (Copyright 2010, Derek Brink, work in progress.)

Hope it’s your cup of tea.  If not…the original is still considered the “official” version anyway.  I just keep drifting back to this song for some reason, and this is what happened last time I did.  🙂

Sorry if that link disappears in the future.  WordPress doesn’t let me post audio direct to the page because I use the free version (I know, right?).  So it may disappear if I need the room on my website at some point.