Stuff I Probably Could Write More About, But I’m Not Going To…

This is another one of those “random” posts I do all the time.  So there.

  1. The CMAs were tonight.  It’s a shame that little if anything that aired actually qualified as “C.”
  2. So Conan’s back on the air.  Yay!  Got a couple of points to cover on that…so let’s do some bullets…
    • I’ve read where some people are complaining that the show is “too much like the old show.”  Umm…what?  WHAT???  Weren’t we all mad about him being thrown off TV because we LOVED his old show?  What happened to that?  And what the hell were people expecting?  It’s a talk-show…it’s going to look like a talk show.
    • I can’t believe I’m already seeing a “he should stop making NBC jokes” backlash.  Tonight was his THIRD show, and people are acting like he’s done nothing but slam NBC all year.  He has been on TV in one interview to my knowledge since he’s been able to do so, but otherwise, this is the guy’s first chance to talk about it on his OWN show.  Give him a few days.  Tonight, I’m not sure I heard even one anti-NBC joke.  But he almost HAD to do a few—especially on the first show.
    • I’m really glad to have CoCo back.  I’ve missed his rhythm and style.  I’m also THRILLED with the time-slot.  It’s 10:00 in my neck of the woods.  That’s pretty early, and right at an hour that not a lot else is on.  Fits perfectly into my late-night schedule.  He’s had some really good guests—except Soundgarden just seemed weary and sloppy on their appearance (but it might’ve just been an off night).  I really dug Tom Hanks on last night’s show.  (In fact, I think last night’s show should’ve been his FIRST night’s show…but whatever…)  Also, tonight the show reminded me that I’ve been meaning to take a closer look at Fistful of Mercy (pretty much the only thing Ben Harper’s done that I’ve liked enough to want to hear more).  So this thing’s filling a space I’ve needed filled up for about nine months.  (Somehow that sounded vulgar, but I’m not sure how.)
    • So…y’know…watch the show sometime.
  3. The police (literal; not the band) were going up and down the street by my office putting notices on cars today.  The notices were “reminders” to us that we shouldn’t keep “valuable” items in plain view within our cars or someone might steal them.  (These weren’t tickets…just friendly little patronizing notes.)  I got a notice that I had several CDs and “various items” (translation: “a lot of shit that we couldn’t clearly see through your back window”) sitting out.  Apparently, this is the best use of time that the St. Louis Police could come up with this afternoon.  Thank God there weren’t any murders today, I guess.  (But on a side note—now if anyone steals anything out of our cars, at least we know where to start looking…I’ll personally begin with asking a few ethics questions regarding the cop who now has intimate knowledge of the contents of each vehicle on the block.)
  4. The “Two Hangmen” sound is coming together.  I finally figured out that I need to add just a *LITTLE* bit of grit to my tone.  Just a kiss of distortion.  And that helps.  A lot.  So now I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.
  5. Work’s going fine, in case anyone was wondering.  Learning how to do some new stuff.  Still doing a lot of the old stuff.  It’s ridiculously hot in the office—it’s been 75-ish in St. Louis this week, and they STILL have the heater turned on in our building!–but otherwise, it’s fine.  Plus, new girl working in our Accounting Department.  So yay.
  6. I never mentioned that my back’s feeling a lot better.  Don’t know what was wrong with it, but it’s feeling better now.
  7. Going to attend another meeting of the St. Louis Banjo Club tomorrow.  Should be fun.
  8. In similar news…I’m thinking of buying a new banjo.  I’ve been playing my grandpa’s old banjo for a couple of years.  It’s nice…but I don’t like playing it.  It’s really old, and hand-made.  It’s a nice instrument in many ways.  In other ways, it’s not anywhere near in “mint” condition.  There’s a pretty mean-looking crack right under the headstock that was there when I got it.  (I don’t know what Grandpa did to cause it.  Might’ve just be that the wood got old and the tension from the strings cracked it a little.)  It’s not devastating to the integrity of the instrument…but it does make me paranoid.  I’d like to get something a little newer, a little sturdier, and a little less sentimental.  I found a good one that isn’t insanely priced online.  About $400 would get it here.  But I don’t have $400, unless pay-day is really kind to me on Monday.  It’s driving me nuts, though.  I’d really like to play some banjo, and play it with confidence.  Right now, I play it and I feel like I’m playing an antique that I’m afraid I’ll break—because I am.  It’ll work out eventually.  Maybe that’ll be my Christmas present to myself or something.
  9. U-2 is playing in St. Louis in July.  Going to that.  Never seen them before, and the fact that it happens the day before my brother’s birthday made it a pretty easy choice.  Should be fun.
  10. Been watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC.  It’s an awesome show about zombies based on an awesome comic book about zombies.  If you like zombies, you should check it out.  I don’t like how fast they move (I suspect that was done just for pacing purposes, because they’re very specific about pointing out that zombies are SLOW in the comic book), but otherwise, it’s great.  (And you don’t have to know anything about the comic book to get into it.)

And that’s it for now.  I’m tired of writing and it’s hot in HERE too.  I hate this kind of weather.  Right now, I’m sitting on a couch, typing, and sweating.  Literally dripping.  And that means I’m not going to get much sleep tonight, because I can’t sleep when I’m hot—and opening windows just aggravates my allergies and makes my eyes water and burn (also not conducive to sleeping).  I laid down from 7-9:30 tonight trying to nap, since I didn’t have a lot to do tonight.  Didn’t get a WINK.

Anyway…if anyone needs me…I’ll have ice in my pants.


Comic Books Purchased:

  • New Avengers
  • The Unwritten
  • Justice League: Generation Lost
  • Return of Bruce Wayne #6 of 6 (Which sucked and made very little sense, by the way.)
  • Locke & Key