Getting Ready

This is largely for my own sake…but thought I’d throw it onto the blog.

Soon—December 6 to be exact—I’ll be guest-speaking in a class on the arts.  I’ll be speaking on why comic books/graphic novels are important as an art form.  There are some obvious things I’ll have to talk about as far as justifying comics as an art form (ie – they are both visual and literary, are becoming a rarity in having hand-drawn art, etc etc…).  But more than that, I just get to talk about what I think is cool and significant about comic books.  Always enjoy doing that kind of thing, and I’m excited about the opportunity.

So…I thought I’d just post a few of the short captions I’m thinking of including in my outline.  These aren’t fleshed out yet, and I’m mostly just putting them here so I’ll have them SOMEWHERE, because I’m likely to lose the list I wrote out on a post-it today.  But maybe a few of you will find it interesting.

Possible/Probable Discussion Points:

  • Difference(s) between comic books and “graphic novels.”
  • Historically significant books/novels.
  • Kid Genre vs. Adult Genre
  • Trade paperbacks.
  • Superhero comics vs. realistic/biographical comics.
  • Comic books that have sparked movies/TV shows.
  • Comic books awarded literary honors.
  • Some of my current favorite titles.
  • Try to find someone in the class that’s already a reader of comic books and interact.  🙂
  • Brief history on the development of the “graphic novel.”
  • Famous people who are known to be comic book fans.
  • Comic books as used/referenced in pop-culture.

And that’s the list I’m working from.  It is likely to be whittled down…or at least some of the more “similar” ideas combined into single points, or only mentioned in passing.  But that’s my brain-storm list.  I’ll probably post a summation of what I actually say sometime after the class is over.


Current Listening:

  • Punch Brothers – “Antifogmatic” – I hadn’t heard of the Punch Brothers until this past weekend.  They appeared on Letterman on Friday, with special guest Steve Martin accompanying them on banjo.  They played “Rye Whiskey” off this record.  I liked it, so I bought it.  The rest of the record is very different, and I guess fits into the “New-Grass” genre (that’s Bluegrass, with the word “New” crammed in there, in case you’ve never heard the term before).  I prefer to call it “Prog-grass” though.  It’s like Bluegrass meets Progressive music.  Kinda like what would’ve happened if Yes had known what to do with a mandolin and a banjo.  🙂  I like it.  It’s weirder than I expected, but I like it…and we may have a new one for the top ten of 2010.  But I think I’ve said that 15 times this year…so we’ll see!  🙂