This is what love looks like…

I have mentioned my favorite deli in St. Louis on the blog before, I think.  It’s a place called Pickles.  They have several different sandwiches that are excellent, offer a variety (or at least a selection) of locally brewed beers, and have a really nice, open atmosphere.  The sandwiches are all about two inches thick, with at least an inch of that being meat.  My favorite is the Reuben (made with either corned beef or pastrami—your choice).  I’ve had it a few times, and it’s definitely the best Reuben I’ve ever had, and quite possibly the best sandwich I’ve ever had.

Today, I took a picture.  This is, of course, only half of it.  I wanted to show the thickness of the sandwich, so I had to eat half of it before taking the picture, so I could show you the middle.  Well…maybe I didn’t have to eat half first…but it was more fun that way.  🙂

I know what you're thinking. "Is that marble rye?!?" You better bet your sweet ass it is. (Taken with my cell this doesn't quite do it justice.)

So…if anyone ever wants to make me like, really, really, insanely happy…  Just show up and hand me one of those.  It will mend broken friendships, heal a broken heart, and spark a new love in my soul.

…and then I’ll eat it and we’ll be back to square one…but for the moments before I eat it, we’ll be completely at peace.  🙂