Sweet November

(^ Post title is a reference to a song I wrote that is still shockingly available as a free download on my website as of the time of writing.)

November’s my favorite month out of the year.  Harvest season.  (“Harvest,” of course, also being my favorite Neil Young record.)  Thanksgiving.  My half-birthday.  (I’ll be 30.5 on the 29th!)  Christmas lists.  Couple days off work.  Colder temperatures.  Crunchy leaves.  Wearing layers without people thinking you’re nuts.  There’s a lot I like about November.

My favorite thing about November is that I’m usually ridiculously productive during this month.  I get a lot of “creative” stuff done, usually.  I think it’s to do with that whole “harvest” thing.  I just feel like pulling some stuff out of the ground, I guess.

Hoping to turn that into a pretty cool demo/EP for the Two Hangmen project this month.  I’ve got some rough scratch tracks.  Maybe we’ll try to get something “official” moving in the next couple of weeks.  But I haven’t really discussed it with Dave yet.  (Though I’d imagine he’s on the same page—or at least the page next to this page, but in the same page-turn so you can see both pages…y’know?)

And that has me thinking…  Ray Davies recently stated that he thinks his brother Dave is coming around to the idea of a Kinks reunion.  Dave replied in the press with “Ray is an asshole.”

…say what you will…at least my brother (also, coincidentally named Dave) and I are working on something, despite the fact that I’m an asshole.  Take that, Kinks.

So…if I can pull this all together (and I can’t), I guess I’m just saying that you can look forward to something from me very soon…I’m just not sure what.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll say “Two Hangmen” on it.  But that’s just a guess.

That should do it for now.  Sorry that was so jumbled.