Happy Halloween, etc.


Sorry I haven’t blogged in almost a week. (Yikes!)  Guess I haven’t had much to say.

Actually, that’s not true.  I’ve had plenty to say.  I just haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ve clicked over to post something a few different times this week but then I’ve thought, “I’ve got other stuff to do that involves a computer.  I should reply to those e-mails, finish that thing I’m writing, etcetcetc before I blog.  How will the people whose e-mails I haven’t answered feel if they see me blogging but not replying to them?”

Pretty bad, I expect, since I STILL haven’t done it!  Sorry.  At least I feel bad about it, right?  What IS it in my brain that keeps me from replying to e-mails and Facebook posts?

Anyway…mostly I just wanted to wish you all a happy and extra spoooooky Halloween.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve already watched “Rocky Horror” and are looking forward to turning off your lights and ignoring the kids while eating the candy you “should” be giving to them.  Enjoy!  🙂

…and, for the record, I just found out that the guy who makes “Glee” is planning an all-out remake of “Rocky Horror.”  Apparently his “Glee” “tribute” wasn’t good enough for him.  There was a previous remake being planned by the MTV people that was shelved.  Richard O’Brien at the time said he had no opinion of if the film should be remade, but that the MTV people did *NOT* have his blessing.  Barry Bostwick, however, stood as the voice for the fans—as I hope he will AGAIN, despite having sold his soul to appear on the “Glee” “tribute”—saying:

“Oh, really? That’s a waste of money.”

“That would be like saying…and understand that I’m not making this as a total comparison, but it would be like saying, ‘Hey, let’s go remake ‘Casablanca’!”

“How are you going to remake it? Every time it was done on stage, I thought it showed the flaws of the piece. I think it’s a one-off; I don’t think you can repeat that. I mean, look at the sequel, ‘Shock Treatment.’ I never saw that, but it was a miserable failure…even more of one than ‘Rocky Horror’ was when it first came out! That one wasn’t even re-discovered and turned into a cult hit.

“I think films like (’Rocky Horror’) are stand-alones and brilliant for what they were at the time they were done,” concluded Bostwick. “You should just leave those things alone.”

For the record, he was wrong about “Shock Treatment.”  It does have a small cult following and is often shown in tandem with “Rocky” at the midnight-movie theatres.  Also, he did later say that if they DID remake it and asked him to be in it, he’d “have to,” particularly if they offered him the “Narrator” role.  (But let’s face it…that wouldn’t be the first horrible travesty he’s been involved with.  “Lexx: The Dark Zone,” anyone?)

Anyway…  I’m a little tired of people trying to toy with the Gospel and remake “Rocky Horror.”  It can’t be done.  Don’t get me wrong…you can DO it…but it can’t be done.  Besides, the original is still in theatres.  It’s a little EARLY to be talking about a remake, isn’t it?  (Look it up.  It’s NEVER been pulled from theatres in its 35 year run.  This moment in time is still considered to be the movies original theatrical run.  No other movie has EVER done that.)  So, fellow Transylvanians, let’s get us a petition going.  Or let’s boycott “Glee” (which actually wouldn’t matter much in my case since I don’t watch it in the first place).  Or let’s go to the guy’s office and throw toast and rice at him and shoot him with water guns or something.  We’ve won before.  We’ve got to do it again.

…but I didn’t mean to say all that.

Mostly just have a Happy Halloween.

…and “Rocky Horror” rules.

…and can anyone lend me a few bucks?


Super-Spooky Halloween “Music to Work By” from Friday:

  • iPod -> Artist -> Alice Cooper -> “Shuffle” -> “Play”

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