Back Again (…and that’s a pun…)

Hi.  Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days.  Figured I should put something up.  I’m also aware that I’ve got a couple of “comments” out there (and in my “pending” folder) from some of you good folks, and I promise I’ll get to them in the next day or two. 

Got a few things to update you on…so let’s do that “random” thing I do so well.  (Well enough, apparently, that my friend Jim recently name-checked me for it on his blog toward the end of this post.)  🙂

  1. My back is still bothering me.  It’s part of why I haven’t blogged for a little bit.  It’s uncomfortable to sit with my laptop in the position I need it in to type quickly…so I haven’t been doing it.  I’m on enough pain-killers right now that it’s kind of possible for a little bit, so I’m going to write until I need to stop.  The back problems even led to me cancelling a demo-session with my friend (and “Out from the Light” drummer) Dave today.  I think he was a little bit irritated by it (this isn’t the first time I’ve had to cancel on him for one reason or another)…but he’s known me long enough that he’s entitled to get irritated by my crap now and again.  I’ll make it up to him.  Mostly, I’m just trying to figure out when I need to wave the white flag and just go to the doctor.  I need to get a *little* more desperate first, I think.
  2. Bought some new music this past week.  Picked up The Henry Clay People’s “Somewhere on the Golden Coast.”  Saw them open for DBT last month and liked them so I bought it.  It’s good.  You can hear a Bowie-meets-Pixies influence, and a few things I can’t quite place.  A little punky…a little not.  I like it.  Also bought the Legendary Shack Shakers “Agri-dustrial.”  Also good.  Immediately fun, and slightly spooky in some areas.  Only real criticism is that I feel like they structured it a little too much, and I wish it was just their “live” sound without the additional tracks/instrumentation.  But, it’s good on its own merit…so that works.
  3. Happy Vincent Price Day.  Vincent Price would have been 99 years old, if he’d lived…which he didn’t.  (Or DID he?!  Mwah-ha-ha!)  And this is the 17th anniversary of his death.  Please honor his memory by watching “Dr. Phibes” or “House of Usher” or “The Tingler” or something that isn’t “Edward Scissorhands,” anyway.  Next year, when he’d have been 100, I’m gonna go NUTS with a marathon.  Might even have to take the day off.  🙂 (EDIT: I’d errantly written earlier that this was his birthday instead of the anniversary of his death, even though I knew better.  Sorry about that.  Don’t know what I was thinking.  His birthday is May 27—just two days before my own.)
  4. Ate some Q’Doba at about 1:00 on Friday afternoon.  It was gone by 4:00.  Those were some seriously unholy tacos.  Never eating that again.  How can Chipotle be so good, and Q’Doba be so God-awful?
  5. I got a nice e-mail from someone who has a copy of “Out from the Light” and reads the blog.  (Sorry I have yet to respond…see above about it hurting to type…)  She talked about the stuff I write really intelligently, and it was one of the few times I’ve had someone describe what I do and then I’ve thought, “Wow…she gets it.”  So thanks for that.  Sometimes just knowing someone understands what you’re going for is incredibly validating and makes it kind of worth it.
  6. I’ve been going through my musical archives.  Listening to old demos and whatnot.  Also been sitting down and randomly playing guitar after pressing “record” on my laptop.  (Not in the past few days…but recently…)  Short version is that I haven’t written much…but I will have some cool stuff to put on my website for download in the near future.  So keep an eye out.  🙂
  7. Resumed my quest to read all the Vonnegut books.  I’m on “Jailbird” right now.  Haven’t quite read deeply enough to get into the plot yet, but it’s pretty good.
  8. This week’s “Empty Checking” is online.   Enjoy!
  9. I went to Walgreens to buy a new fan.  I need the sound of a fan to sleep, and the one I’ve had going keeps randomly shutting itself off (despite it being turned on).  Seems like that can’t be good…possible fire hazard if that motor heats up, I’d imagine.  So, I went to buy a new fan.  Turns out they don’t sell them “in Winter” (as the clerk put it).  Couple of problems there…  (1) It’s Fall.  (2) It’s been in the 80s here lately.  (3) Even if it were cold…I still need a fan.  Seriously, Walgreens…I’m glad you brought back the beer and liquor…but did you really have to ditch the fans?  For God’s sake…you’ve got Anne Rice books from 1992 on the shelves…but no fans!  Ugh…
  10. We got some rain tonight.  That was good.  Hasn’t rained here in a little bit and I’m sure there are some folks who really needed it.  I would have prefered a mid-day/lunchtime rain so I could go out and drive around a little to enjoy it…but the sound was nice outside the window, anyway.

…and that’s all I can stand for now.  In fact, I should have stopped at about #8, but I kept going.  For you.  You’re welcome.  🙂

Here’s hoping you hear from me again soon.