So far this week…

Here’s the stuff that’s happened so far this week.  It’s only Tuesday, but it’s already been interesting!

  1. I ate 50 McNuggets for lunch on Monday.  They’re selling 50 for $10 right now (don’t know if that’s just a regional thing or if that’s nationwide) and I couldn’t resist.  I learned something.  If you eat 50 McNuggets (and one of those apple-pie dessert thingies), be prepared to poop.  A lot.  Sorry to share that…but the world needs to know.
  2. “Facebullshit” entry #2: (Source unrecalled—apologies; also a disclaimer that the punchline is not directed at my office.) – “Seven “n’t” words that cripple achievement & success: can’t, won’t, haven’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, & mustn’t.”  EDIT: (Thought of a better joke.)  Another “nt” word that cripples achievement and success—management.
  3. It turns out that Wayne Enterprises is not located in Gotham City, as previously believed.  Turns out it’s located in Harris, TX.  I couldn’t believe it either…but Google never lies.  (Click to embiggen. – Sorry the preview’s so small, but it had to fit in the window.)

    Sorry about all the blacking-out stuff. I don't want to give away the name/address I was looking up when I stumbled upon that.
  4. Tom Bosley Died.  I went through my “Happy Days” period like everyone else, and it’s sad to see Mr. C. go…but my favorite memory of him is watching him soldier-on during a telecast about the biggest musicals on Broadway.  At the time, the longest running musical was “Grease.”  He said something to the effect of, “I bet you don’t know what the longest running show on Broadway is…”  A bunch of people in the (live) audience yelled, “Grease!!”  Bosley laughed and continued reading from the teleprompter…  “You might think it’s ‘Phantom’ or ‘Cats’…but it’s not!  (etc.)”  It was funny to watch a guy just stick to the bit and laugh at his own situation.  And that’s how I’ll remember Tom Bosley.  A guy who rolled with it and made me laugh.
  5. So we’ve got a new guy at work.  His name’s Rick.  Seems nice and basically get-along-able.  He’s a runner and digs sports…so Larry finally has someone to talk to, other than me with my music-geekery.  Rick’s already kind of learning to roll with our insanity (I know…everyone thinks their office is nuts…).  Seems like he’ll be a good fit.  We work in different offices, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him for too long yet, but what little I did was pleasant enough.  So welcome aboard, Rick.  (Now we’ve just got to break his will and make him eat as recklessly as Larry and I do…)
  6. “Music to Work By” for today…  (Forgot my iPod on Monday!)
    1. David Bowie – “Hours”
    2. Denison Witmer – “Live”
    3. Spoondrift – “Alone with Others”
    4. Squeeze – “Spot the Difference”
    5. Elvis Costello – “The Delivery Man”
    6. Tom Waits – “Bone Machine”

…and that’s been my week so far.

PS…my back and hip/thigh still hurt.  (I think the latter are BECAUSE of the back pain.)  I don’t even know what I did to earn this, really.  It just sucks for no reason.  It’s probably about 80% better than it was on Saturday/Sunday though.  But I’m still hobbley.  Oh well.  The cane suits me, anyway.

4 thoughts on “So far this week…”

    1. I’ll see what I can do. Hell, I still owe you a copy of the union jack demo, come to think of it. E-mail me through my website and I’ll send you some stuff.

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