From my brain, into your eyes, into your brain, then you can stick it where-ever you want to.

(Re: The post title) – I don’t know…I guess I think that’s what happens when I blog. 

As you may have guessed by now, this is going to be one of those “random” posts…so let’s go…

  1. Finished Joe Hill’s “Heart Shaped Box” tonight.  Like all books in the genre it suffers from the climax being a little too quick.  It had a nice slow-burn getting there, but it got there and it was gone so quickly, you were left doubting that it really was over—which actually may be the intention, just in case he ever writes a sequel, I guess…but in all, I was very, very pleased with the book and I highly recommend it.  One of the better books I’ve read in some time.
  2. New “Empty Checking” is online.
  3. I’ve thought it over and I think that the chief problem with the Internet is the following.  It makes non-confrontation (and also OVER confrontation) way too easy.  You can “unfriend” someone on Facebook and they might not even notice it for a few days (if at all).  Or you can say threatening things to strangers that might even keep them awake at night, and they won’t even know who you ARE.  I miss the days when you had to look a man in the EYE to tell him what you thought of him.  Didn’t make you any less of a dick…but at least it proved you had one.
  4. My back hurts.  A lot.  It’s so bad I can feel it in my left leg, and it hurts to even bend down to put on pants or shoes.  Or get a Coke out of the refrigerator.  Or pick something up off the floor.  It sucks.  This is by far the worst it’s been in 2010…possibly longer.  I’m walking with a cane for a while, just to take some pressure off.  It helps a little…but this still blows, and even Advil isn’t really doing much for me.  If anyone has any suggestions for cures, I’m listening.
  5. I’ve been taking an informal poll (at random) of my friends, asking if they believe in ghosts, and if so, if they consider ghosts to be “evil.”  It’s surprising how many believe that ghosts are at least POSSIBLY real, and the variance of opinion on their good/evil natures.  I would’ve thought I’d have gotten a lot more people saying they don’t believe in ghosts—especially among my Christian College friends…but I think I’ve only gotten one really firm “no” out of all the people I’ve asked.  (Feel free to comment on this one, if you’re interested.  Of course, I guess you’re free to comment on the other stuff too…but in this situation, you’d be part of an informal survey!  Sure, it’s not going anywhere…but you could be a part of it!)
  6. Got paid this week.  Most of it’s already assigned to various bills and whatnot.  Hurray!
  7. Ever notice that you don’t ever meet anyone named Tom, Dick, or Harry anymore?  That saying’s pretty much out of date now.  We’re going to have to change it to “…every Jeremiah, Shane, and Lucas…”  And that just sounds stupid.  (No offense if one of those is your name.)
  8. Ate food from Cha Cha Chow on Friday.  GREAT tacos.  I thought the Philly Burger was only so-so…but I could’ve eaten a dozen of those tacos (and I’d like to try some other stuff from the menu, too).  I didn’t know that they’ve been featured on TV in one of those “Great Food Race Losers with the Stars” (or whatever) shows until my brother told me (which was after I’d eaten there).  That’s kind of cool.  Made even cooler by the fact that they have offices (and storage, etc) in the same building that I work in.  I work right above semi-celebrities.  🙂  So yeah…find ’em and get a taco.  (Website’s and is working as of the time of writing…but in the future, that may point to a completely different kind of “cha cha,” for which I apologize in advance.)

And that’s all for now.  Happy Sunday.

2 thoughts on “From my brain, into your eyes, into your brain, then you can stick it where-ever you want to.”

  1. I’m not surprised by your reported responses to your poll. Not to be morbid, but everyone dies, and (not to belittle anyone’s faith) no one really knows 100% for sure what happens to us then. So it kind of makes me happy that so many people seem to be open to the idea of ghosts, if only because they don’t have proof they aren’t real.

    And just to participate, I think there could be spirits we perceive as ghosts, and that these spirits, just like humans, can choose to be benevolent, malevolent, or any shade of grey in between.

    1. Thank you for your two-cents, sir. For my part, I assume that if we’ve got the “Holy” Ghost, there are probably a few other ones floating about too…otherwise, why would God have to specify that THAT one is “Holy?” He could’ve just called it “THE” Ghost if there weren’t others. 🙂

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