Quick Music Post

Not much else of interest happened today…so here are a few quick notes about music-stuff.

(1)  My brother and I rehearsed at my house this evening.  We’ve been practicing at his house lately (what with all them kids running around, it’s just been easier that way).  Tonight was the first night back at my house (unsure if that’s a “permanent” thing or not at this point…failed to ask).  Kind of a welcome change for me for a couple of reasons.  I liked being back at home because all my guitars, amps, etc are there…having the scale of an amp and vocal speaker is a BIG difference from an acoustic guitar and a bass amp (that I usually can’t hear too well) in Dave’s basement.  Plus—don’t get me wrong, I love my sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew…but I sometimes feel like a little bit of an intruder in the house on Tuesdays.  Don’t know why…  I guess because I’m usually there on Fridays too and I feel like I’m just kinda taking up space on Tuesdays.  I just feel like I’m interrupting sometimes—though you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more hospitable than Dave and Valerie, especially when it comes to family.  (In other words, it’s MY issue.)  So, on that level, it was nice to be in my own basement, where I’m only in my own way, ha ha.  Don’t misread me…I could be perfectly happy rehearsing at Dave’s place forever…but it is nice to warm my amp back up now and again, anyway.  (I hope none of that sounds bad.  It doesn’t sound bad in my head…but these things are so easily misread.  And yet I still write them down.  Hmph…)

(2) Bought the new Old 97’s record today (“The Grand Theatre – Volume One”).  It’s good.  Likely to find its way into my top ten of 2010.

(3) And I just wanted to post my “Music to Work By” list…which, believe it or not, is the main reason I’m posting.  🙂  So here you go…

  1. Slobberbone – “Crow Pot Pie”
  2. Neil Young – “Greendale”
  3. Old 97’s – “Drag it Up”
  4. The Who – “Quadrophenia” (both discs)
  5. Tree By Leaf – “Postcard from Rome”
  6. Individual Song (in tribute): Solomon Burke – “None of Us are Free”
  7. Lou Reed – “Transformer”
  8. Drive-By Truckers – “A Blessing and a Curse”
  9. Slobberbone – “Crow Pot Pie” again…  🙂

…and that’s it.  Buying comic books tomorrow.  Yay!