How Do You Miss a Thing Like That?

Joe Hill is an American author of whom I had not heard until this week.  I picked up a copy of volume one of his much acclaimed comic book “Locke & Key” on Wednesday.  It was kind of an impulse buy.  The guy at the store recommended it, and it sounded like my cup of tea, so I bought it.  It’s really, really good.  I’m going to be passing this one around to others.

But he’s also written several novels.  His first editions all sold out within hours.  His work is sought after and adored.  He writes mostly in the “horror/thriller” genre, but don’t let the label fool you into thinking it’s kids-stuff, fluff, or just scary for the sake of being scary.  There’s some depth there, from what I can tell.  (I’m only familiar with his basic outlines and stories at the moment—but I’ll be reading at least one or two of the books shortly.)

Put it this way…  He’s not Stephen King.  He’s Stephen King’s son.

“Joe Hill” is his pen name…shortened from Joseph Hillstrom King.  He changed it in an effort to make it on his own merit and not just as King’s son.  And it worked.  He started getting published in 1997 and was popular long before his lineage was revealed.  He only admitted his bloodline in 2007.

But here’s what I don’t get…

The guy looks like this:

Lovingly stolen from

Sure…he had a beard for some of that time…but how did people not see it?

…and how am I only NOW hearing about him?

I’m sure I’ll be recommending one or more of his novels soon.  But until that time, check out “Locke & Key” if you get the chance (looking at YOU, Dave and Dad).


Records that got me through the day at work (in order):

  1. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – “The Century of Self”
  2. Billy Talent – (self titled)
  3. The Hold Steady – “Heaven is Whenever”
  4. Neurotic Outsiders – (self titled)
  5. Patterson Hood – “Murdering Oscar (and other Love Songs)”
  6. Ray Davies – “Working Man’s Cafe”
  7. Wilco – “Being There” (both discs)
  8. Neil Young – “Le Noise”
  9. Leonard Cohen – “Songs from the Road”

I’m thinking of setting up a sub-page or sidebar thing to just post these lists.  I think I’m going to be listening to a LOT more music at work, and I find these little lists pretty fun…we’ll see…might just keep posting them here in the footers…