For Those Who Were Wondering…

For those who have been wondering how my bathroom has turned out, I thought I’d post a few pictures.  There’s still stuff I’m unhappy about, but now that I’ve started adding things, I’m starting to like it more.  Enjoy the pics and captions below.  And try not to dwell on what goes on in there…

[One brief apology/excuse.  In these shots, I presently have a hand-towel sitting on the toilet tank.  That won’t be there forever.  I’m going to install a small hand-towel bar.  I just haven’t yet.]

Click to embiggen.

My mirror. This is the piece that first started pulling the room together for me. Then the jackass hung it too low and really disappointed me. Still looks okay though. Just thankful that it tilts so I can actually see ALL of myself in it. The angle he originally set it at cut off the top of my head. And speaking of the top of my head, you'll notice my new Drive-By Truckers "Pretty Roadcases" hat, if you look close. 🙂
My shelf, which I really, really like. I had to install it myself because "there is no way it'll ever fit there" as per the contractor. They didn't even take it out of the box to look at it, and CLEARLY didn't measure, since it fit just fine. I'm glad I got to do this myself, just for the fact that I got to use my own hands to make the guy look stupid. shelf. 🙂
My towels. Bought them at Kohl's. I kind of geeked out when I saw them and realized how nice they were going to look against the paint and (especially) the bronze.
I bought this picture at a couple of years ago. I never really figured out where to put it until I chose the paint for the walls in the bathroom. And I was lucky enough to find a frame in a bronze that matches most of the fixtures (again at Kohl's). I'm really happy with how that worked out.
My flooring and bathmat. I know the bathmat's a little plain, but I really like it. I'm also really happy with the floor tile. I was thinking I was going to try to paint the moulding and door in a bronze-ish color to match the towel-rod/mirror/shelf...but the toilet, sink, and tub make the white kind of work. Still going to paint the OUTSIDE of the door (into the hallway) brown to match the flow of the rest of the house though. (Also, if you embiggen this pic, you can see how shoddy some of the paintjob they did is. It's all smudgy around the tub/enclosure.)
The shower enclosure. I like how this turned out, over all. I LOVE the shower doors. I like the enclosure more than I thought I would, too. It was my second choice. My first choice didn't quite fit around the tub for some reason. (Though I'm not sure I believe that since these guys couldn't even install a SHELF.) Plus...big-ass bathtub to fit my big ass. This shot also gives you a sense of the whole picture. It's a VERY small room, but we got a LOT in there, and most of it flows together pretty seamlessly. The stuff I'm not happy with is basically liveable...but there's MORE of it than I would like there to be. Hopefully whoever does the kitchen (because it WILL NOT be this guy!) will do a better job of listening and actually take some PRIDE in his/her work. But, when it's said and done, I'm very happy with the choices I personally made on this project and overall, I'll be happy living in there.

…and that’s it.  The bathroom is now the most expensive room in my house.  Irony.


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