It’s October, Apparently…

Sorry I haven’t blogged since the baseball thing.  Let’s do this in “random” fashion.

  1. The Drive-By Truckers rocked St. Louis last night.  Went with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my dad.  On the one hand, we were celebrating Dad’s upcoming birthday (on Tuesday).  On the other hand, we’d probably have been there anyway. Excellent show.  A few highlights:
    • The Henry Clay People opened up the show.  They were good.  At one point the guitarist had to retune, and they brought out Jay from DBT to duet with their keyboard player.  By request, they performed David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”  It was funny and awesome all at once.  Plus, they had a drummer up there that’d never played with them before, just for one night while their regular guy dealt with a family thing.  We probably made the guy’s night when we chanted his name (Warren) at the end of their set.
    • Bought a ton of merch, including a t-shirt, a hat, a poster, and a sticker.
    • DBT played some of my favorite stuff, including “Women Without Whiskey.”  Lots of the new stuff, and most of it well-placed.  They did a SUPER fast version of “Shut Up and Get on the Plane.”  I’m thinking EZB just didn’t want to do it and wanted it over.  🙂
    • Dad came pretty close to having to hit a guy for standing right in front of him, when he (Dad) had been SITTING there all night.  Ended up kind of being funny.  Dad has a way of pissing someone off so much that they just give up, and that’s kind of what happened there.  (Always wondered where I got that…)
    • Got a hot-dog from a street vendor after the show.  And let me tell you this…any time you put kraut on a hot-dog, that’s a good time.
  2. Still mixing the Michael Feldman Group’s new demo.  They did a good job on it, so it’s not too tough on me.  They followed ALL of the rules I posted a few posts ago.  Now it’s just me mixing it.  It’s going pretty well, but I’m just trying to iron out a few nagging things that are “me” problems.  Just some “clean-up” issues.  Should have a semi-final mix in the early part of the week.
  3. Update on my bathtub.  — At least for the moment, it is not leaking.  That’s good.
  4. New “Empty Checking” is online now.
  5. I’m at the final episode of Season 5 in my “Lost” re-watch.  Just that and Season 6 left to go.
  6. Tony Curtis died.  That’s sad.  “The Great Race” is one of my favorite movies.  I’m watching it right now in his honor…and realizing that most of the cast is now dead.  Bummer.
  7. Greg Giraldo also died.  Not a big fan of his, I’m sad to say…but he did make me laugh on a few occasions, and that’s pretty much all you can ask out of a comic.
  8. Work is going well.  I think I’m moving into the new office this week, but I don’t know for sure.  I’d kind of prefer to stay where I am, both out of laziness and out of liking it there…but the new office IS nicer, so there are benefits there.  We’ll see where they stick me.  Either way, I’ll still be getting a paycheck from a business I enjoy working for, so it’s cool.

And that’s going to have to do it.  I’ve got a headache, and for some reason typing makes it worse.  Reading stuff on the Internet doesn’t bug me…but typing does.  Weird.