A Day at the Park

…boy that would’ve been a great title/concept for a Marx Brothers movie.  It’s a shame they’re all dead.

Today was my company’s semi-annual trip to the ballpark.  Saw a winning game.  Apparently, even though this game didn’t matter much, as per the Cardinals being eliminated from the playoff-run the previous night, it at least salvaged the season, giving them an overall WINNING season.  (That’s part of what we do at the company.  We handle salvage.  You’re welcome, Cardinals!  Sorry…bad industry-joke…)

Fun time.  Enjoyed being out there, even though I didn’t really pay attention to the game and the fireworks scared the hell out of me.  Our bosses are really good to us and they sprung for great seats (and free food/beer!) up in the Coca-Cola deck—dead center, with a perfect view right down the middle of the diamond.  Were I a fan, it would’ve probably meant more…but even not liking baseball, I’ve got to say that was a pretty cool view, as you’ll see momentarily.

Below are some pictures from my cell phone that kind of capture the spirit of the day.  Enjoy!

(Click any of the photos to embiggen…)

Our view from our seats. Pretty sweet!
That's one of the Pirates stretching before the game down in the left corner. At first we weren't sure what was going on. He was just laying (lying?) there. Looked like he'd been injured before the game even started, ha ha. So I took a picture of that.
My beer...or possibly urine...hard to tell in this town...
This is a picture of where my Dad would've been sitting, if he'd been at the game. Which he wasn't. But I'm pretty sure he could've been. VERY light on attendance today!
Thought I'd post this to show how great the team pride is in St. Louis. Even though we're out of the playoffs, just LOOK at all those red shirts in the stands... Oh wait... Those are just the stands. Whoops! 🙂 Also, side note, the camera you're seeing is the one from which they shoot all of the home-plate shots. That was pretty cool to watch.
Apologies to Christine for catching her in mid-word...but this is by far my all-time favorite picture of Larry.

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