Stuff I’m Gonna Buy Soon…

Here’s a list of stuff that I need to buy before the end of the year.  Some of it is already out.  Some of it isn’t.  Only some of it will be purchased this week.  🙂

  1. Drapes. – They’re needlessly expensive…but needed in the house.
  2. “The Necromancer” by Michael Scott. – It’s part of his “Nicolas Flamel” series of novels, which are mostly intended for kids…but they’re pretty good, and I’m this far into the series, so I want to finish it.
  3. “Le Noise” by Neil Young – An interesting concept…  Mixed/engineered by Daniel Lanois (see the pun?) it’s just solo Neil.  Some of it is acoustic, some of it is electric…but it’s just him and his guitar, from what I understand…plus whatever gadgetry Lanois threw on there (for which he’s pretty legendary).  Should be an interesting listen, and it’s out now.
  4. Season 4.1 of the Venture Bros. – Out on DVD October 26.  One of my favorite shows.  They’re playing Season 4.2 right now on the Adult Swim network programming.  Been pretty good.  If nothing else, I always enjoy their commentaries, so I’m looking forward to it.
  5. “Grand Theatre, Vol. 1” by the Old 97s. – An alt country favorite of mine is putting out their new record on Oct 12.  I hear it’s more poppy than the last one.  (Question is, when does “Vol 2” come out?)
  6. Doctor Who Season 5. – Out on November 9.  Really enjoyed the new series and the new Doctor.  Looking forward to putting this into the collection.
  7. “Static Impulse” by James LaBrie. – The Dream Theater front-man returns with another solo effort.  Liked his previous three.  Probably going to like this too.  Been out a couple of weeks, but haven’t bought it yet.  Be interesting to hear in the wake of Mike Portnoy’s departure from DT…
  8. DBT merch at the Rock Show on Saturday.  Looking forward to a new t-shirt or nine to add to the collection.  🙂  (Also buying my dad something at the show for his birthday, but what that will be is his choice.  Odd how we keep going to cool shows for Dad’s birthday, huh?  Last year, Farm Aid…this year, DBT…next year?  Dunno.  Maybe The Who will grace St. Louis with their presence or something!)
  9. And probably a baseball cap or something at the game tomorrow.  It’s our office’s semi-annual “day at the ballpark” tomorrow.  It’s nice that they do that for us.  For one day, we get paid not to work.  🙂  (Plus free food, which always makes me happy!)  Only thing is…as of TONIGHT’S defeat, the Cards are out of the running for the playoffs.  So we’re going to the first OFFICIAL game of a bummer-season.  Kinda funny.  (I know, right?  For a second there I actually sounded like I KNEW SOMETHING about baseball!)

…and that’s it.  Please make all donations payable to Derek Brink…and send them overnight, if you would.


Current Listening:

  • Bunch of Drive-By Truckers to get ready for the show.  It’s getting ridiculous.  Made myself a playlist on my iPod of ONLY the songs of theirs that I really like.  87 tracks.  Yikes.

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