I seen some things, man…

I had two experiences today that kind of made the Humanist in me happy.  (The Humanist in me has been pretty pissed off lately, too…so well done, cosmos.)

The first thing was one of those things I thought was going to irritate me.  I was recording some stuff with the Feldman Group (short version on that—it went well) and I heard a knock at my door.  Given the recent history of my neighbors, I figured someone called the cops because I had more than one car in my driveway and someone brought in a guitarcase…but I was shocked to find an older gentleman with a clipboard instead. 

He was very polite and well-spoken and asked me if I’d considered voting for Robin Carnahan in the upcoming election.  I said I certainly have, and I plan to do so.  He asked what my thoughts are on Robin and what my friends and family think of her.  I told him, “Well, I hear less about Robin than I do Barack, to be honest with you.  But those that I have discussed it with have trusted the Carnahan name all the way back to Mel, and none of us see any reason to change that now.”  He laughed and we just kind of made small talk for a few minutes (some about Mel, but mostly about nothing), since that pretty much made it clear that I knew what I was talking about and wasn’t just trying to get him off my lawn.  He talked about the big oak tree I have in my front yard (it’s the biggest in my circle—possibly on the block).  Not a lot of people notice it, but that guy did and he was just a nice, polite, completely unassuming STRANGER.  I didn’t know those were still out there.  So that was good.  (And honestly, he was a nice enough guy that even if we didn’t agree politically, I think we still would’ve discussed the tree.)  🙂

The other thing—and in my mind this was HUGE—happened while I was on my way to the grocery store.  I was at an intersection that crosses all-together six lanes, if you count the turn lanes (and in this case, you probably should).  A guy was crossing the street, and due to his speed, the light changed on him and he got stuck in the middle.  The guy was missing a leg and was in a wheelchair.  There was no faster he could move.  I felt bad for the guy, because I saw him, but I was in the far lane and there was no way I could have helped him on my own.  Then the light changed.  NONE of the drivers (myself included) moved an inch.  We let the dude go by and held up a buttload of traffic behind us at a for-some-reason-VERY short light.  I think about two cars from each lane ended up making it through after he passed.  And I feel like we accomplished something there.

And that’s it.  Just wanted to say that.


Current Listening:

  • A Rufus Wainwright mix, mostly from the “Release the Stars,” “Poses,” and “All Days Are Nights” records.  Had some of the latter record playing last night during Mike’s set up, and he referred to it as “showtunes.”  Slight misread on his part, I feel (since it’s just piano and vocal and hardly gay at all)…but he did concede that “He’s got a wonderful voice.”  Yes.  He does.

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