Random Updates and Newses…

Got a few things to talk about…and I like lists…so…yeah…

  1. Finally have the “Empty Checking” that should’ve gone up over the weekend online and ready to go.  Sorry for the delay.
  2. I’ve been getting repeated phone calls from the same company on my cell phone who refuse to believe that I’m not a guy named “Gary.”  I get a few calls for “Gary” every year.  We share a phone number, except he’s in a different area code.  If someone in my area code doesn’t dial his first, they get me instead of him.  I’ve explained this to the business, but they’ve still called nine times.  No big deal, they don’t leave messages and I just ignore them…but it’s irritating that they think I’m a liar.  I’m giving them one more week, then I’m going to call them every day trying to order a pizza and refusing to believe that they’re not Pizza Hut.  (I imagine they just either are owed money or owe him work or something…I don’t really care…I’m just tired of them.)
  3. At present I don’t think the bathtub’s leaking anymore…but all they did was caulk some stuff…and the volume of water that was in my basement over the weekend leads me to believe it isn’t just a caulking problem…so we’ll see how long it lasts.
  4. I’m weirdly stressed about recording the Feldman Group this weekend.  I don’t really know why, other than I could just use one more day to prepare.  I’d much prefer to do Saturday and Sunday rather than the Friday start…but I didn’t know that when I scheduled it, ha ha.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Mike’s a pro and he works fast.  I just hope it’s REALLY fast.  I’m pretty tired on Fridays!  🙂
  5. DBT show coming up on Oct 2nd in St. Louis.  Been a while since I’ve seen the Boys from Alabama.  Looking forward to that.  Hopefully things are going to work out that both my dad and sister-in-law will be accompanying Dave and I this time.  (That’ll be a first for that combo, actually!)  So, upside…cool concert experience coming up…  Downside…gonna blow a ton of money on DBT merch.
  6. Going to the semi-annual office baseball game next week.  I’m not a baseball—or indeed “anything that takes place outside”—fan, but it’s nice that they do that.  I imagine I’ll spend a lot of the time wandering around the stadium and bumming around the store they have in there.  So that’ll be fine.  (Like the Cardinals are going to win anything at this point anyway…)
  7. Slowed WAY down on reading that Neil Peart book.  It’s not his fault.  I go through phases where I don’t read as much…and I’ve had a buttload of comic books (and movies) distracting me from it.  But I’ll pick it back up soon.
  8. I occasionally make iPod playlists or mix-CDs based on people I know.  I’m in the middle of one now.  It’s a particularly weird one…but I won’t go into details, because I have no idea if that person reads my blog…and that might be weird…cause it’s not like that, it’s just a playlist, ha ha.

And that should do it.  I’ve got some stuff I want to do full posts about…but I’ve got to find the energy to write at length on a topic.  🙂  We’ll see if that happens any time soon.


Comic Books Purchased (to be reviewed in the next “Empty Checking”):

  • 1MONTH2LIVE – Issue #4 (of 5)
  • Justice League: Generation Lost – Issue #10 (Brightest Day Tie-In)
  • Uncanny X-Men – Issue #528
  • The Avengers – Issue #5
  • Darkwing Duck – Issue #4
  • The Unwritten – Issue #17

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