I’ve Had ENOUGH.

The list of fuck-ups to date, perpetrated by the contractor, whose name I am doing them the courtesy of not posting .  For now.

  1. Started earlier than they said they would, and when specifically told they were not wanted on that day, were insistent about it.
  2. Left a flatbed trailer in my driveway for two weeks, not even leaving enough space to fit my car in there.
  3. Promised ONE week of work.  Took TWO weeks and are STILL not finished (more on that at the end of the post).
  4. Left plywood up in place of a patio door overnight in a town that isn’t exactly #1 on the “safest in America” list.
  5. Upon installing the patio door the next day, they installed it BACKWARDS.
  6. Did not check for product availability prior to starting work, thereby leading to almost not getting the shower door I wanted.
  7. Paint in bathroom is sloppy in several areas.
  8. There is a BIG paint STAIN on my flooring in the hallway, which they covered with a garbage bag until they got out of dodge, so I wouldn’t notice.
  9. Hung light fixture too low, thereby pushing mirror too low and pushing shelf into a different, non-preferred location.  (Which also tells me that they didn’t bother to find out the measurements of the stuff I wanted installed before they put up the light fixture, either.)
  10. There is a deep gouge in one of the floor tiles by the door where they clearly jammed the frame into place.  It’s very close to the frame, so the casual glancer might not notice…but I did.
  11. There is a crack in the door frame that wasn’t there before.  Hoping I wouldn’t notice…they painted over it.
  12. There are assorted marks and discolorations on several household surfaces, most notably my front door, that weren’t there before.
  13. On Thursday, one of them pissed in my new toilet and didn’t bother flushing it, leaving it there for me to find later.
  14. And here’s the big one…  After all that…  They get out of my house yesterday.  I try out the shower today.  Works fine, or so I think…  Then I go downstairs into my laundry room…  And…  THE PLUMBING IS LEAKING.  There is a significant pool of water flooding the (thankfully cement) floor of the laundry room.

I’m going to say this once, and I’m going to say it clearly.

Fuck.  These.  Guys.

In the “bidding” stage, the ass that runs the “business” (sic) claimed to not have any complaints against him with the Better Business Bureau.

Well.  You’ve got one now.

They get ONE chance to fix it.  Then—when that doesn’t work—I’m posting their name.  It’s a pity…it’s an otherwise fine, fine name.  Worthy of even my nephew or maybe the lead singer in a Southern rock band…

A Few Things

It’s very late at night/early in the morning.  I’m not able to sleep, so I figured I’d jot down a couple of things, anyway…

  1. Finally watched “Inglourious Basterds.”  Short review – Good, not great.  Don’t feel worse for watching it, and the guy that played “The Jew Hunter” definitely deserved his Oscar…but the movie itself isn’t making my all-time top five WWII-themed movies.  (Although, aside from “To Be or Not to Be” I’m not sure what would be on that list…)
  2. I think my bathroom’s more or less “done.”  I didn’t notice it until today, but the guy installed the new light fixture about a foot lower than the last one had been, which moved my mirror down almost INTO the sink and made the shelf (which I’m in LOVE with) unable to fit where I wanted it.  It’s not necessarily a “bad” job, but at the same time, I’m not 100% happy.  Am I 90% happy?  I’m not sure.  I don’t like the light and mirror being so low, though.  That I know.  (But, on the plus-side…big-ass bathtub.)  I do have about three places in the bathroom I could fit that shelf—the contractor was fairly insistent that it wouldn’t fit anywhere.  But he also installed my patio door backwards on his first attempt, so knowing how to use a screwdriver will only get you so far.  So…I’m putting up a shelf sometime this week.  Overall…  Maybe I’ll grow to love it…but right now, it’s not what I had in my head and that kind of bums me out.  But again, not a “bad” job by any means.  It’s at least a damn-sight of an improvement over the baby-blue tile of yesteryear.  (And, as we all know, I’m a pessimist.  So even if he’d gotten it 100% right, I’d still be pissed off…)
  3. Finished Season 2 in my “Lost” re-watch.
  4. My brother and I had a fairly productive meeting about our musical endeavors the other night.  I’m not sure if we’re ready to drop any “news” on you yet…but it’s forthcoming.  I’m a big fan of bean-spilling…so I’m ready to tell you NOW, but I need to confirm that things are as firm in Dave’s mind as they are in mine.  I think they are…but maybe we’ll wait to tell you the band name until we’ve at least established an Internet presence and/or recorded a demo.  Or maybe not.  Time will tell.
  5. My Dad’s in Memphis.  Once again, Graceland goes on without me.  (I don’t think they’re visiting there…but I’d sure like to get back there one of these days, now that I actually APPRECIATE Elvis.  I didn’t fully “get it” when I went there as a 12/13-year-old.)
  6. Things at work are fine.  The office looks weird now, though.  We just got a new doorway made to connect two rooms…and the one room is apparently much brighter than the one we’ve been sitting in all this time.  It’s like the ending of “Lost” is happening behind me every day.  Good news is that we needed the space, though.  So that’s okay.  It’s just odd to have a door where there was a wall last week, as you’d probably imagine.
  7. I actually leaned out of my window and yelled at a guy in a turn lane today.  I’d tell the story…but he knows what he did.

Well…that’ll do for now.  I’m kinda sleepy, I guess…  Let’s try this “bed” thing again.


Current Listening:

  • iPod’s on “shuffle.”  And as such, I’ve come to realize that I have terrible taste in music.