Random (and too tired to think of a creative title)

You know the drill…

  1. My cousin (second cousin, I think, if we’re being technical) Ray died.  He was a grumpy old dude who worked the land on the farm in Goobertown a lot.  Didn’t know him very well, but the couple (few?) times I did encounter him, he was good for a laugh.  And it’s always sad when family dies, even if you’re just family enough to be family.  So rest in peace, Ray.
  2. My bathroom is nearing completion…but the shower door I wanted has been recalled.  That blows.  It’s pretty pivotal.  I NEED the color of the shower door to be right.  The traditional chrome won’t work.  Has to be bronze.  Unfortunately, most of the bronze doors out there cost a few hundred more than the one I chose, so this is pretty bad.  Really, really frustrating.  But at least the flooring was put down today…progress is progress.
  3. I’ve been ridiculously hungry all day.  Ate two of those TV dinner thingies…but that’s all I’ve had, really.  I usually eat more than that.  Oddly, instead of correcting that, I’m just complaining about it…
  4. I’m about half way through season 2 of my “LOST” re-watch, in case you were wondering—which you weren’t.
  5. I’m still not quite feeling “well” after being sick all last week.  I’ve got less congestion—but it’s still there.  It’s drying out though.  I’m at the “I think I smell blood” stage of it, which means it’s almost over.  My throat’s still pretty screwed up though and my sleep patterns suck even for me.

…and screw it…that’s enough.

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