This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll – this is Genocide…or actually, it’s the color of paint going on my bathroom wall…

This is a sample of the shade of paint that’s going on my bathroom wall.  This is actually not QUITE right, as I went with a different company than the sample pictured…but the difference is so negligible that it’s pretty much impossible to tell by the naked eye, unless you’ve got them right next to one another and you’ve got them right up next to your face…and you’re squinting.  The shade pictured is “Vino” (aka “Wine”).  The shade I’m actually using is “Wine Glass.”  So you can imagine how close it is…

Anyway…this is the color…

It's a little grainy due to me taking a quick picture in a dark's very red-wine looking in real life...

Now, I like it…but it almost immediately seemed suspiciously familiar.  A quick glance at the old record collection told me why…

David Bowie's glam-rock masterpiece, "Diamond Dogs." (Though the release and subsequent tour would see him shift from glam into...well...something else...)

Knew I’d seen that somewhere before!

Sorry this one's a little blurry. Again...quick pic...dark room...

Weird.  I always thought my favorite Bowie record was “Hours.”


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