Random Stuff…because organization sucks…

Here’s a bunch of random stuff, because my brain’s too scrambled to write about just one topic.

  1. Thanks if you donated to the MDA Telethon.  You can still give at any time, if you wanted to but were short on cash.  The total for this year’s telethon was lower than it’s been in a long time.  Lewis kept going on about how happy he was with the number with the economy being as bad as it is…but that just sounded like an excuse to me.  I guess the only other option was yelling at America like he did in 2005…and I wish he’d done that.  “Oh…the economy’s so bad I don’t think I can give this year.”  That’s a cop out—and if Jerry Lewis won’t say it, I will.  The economy’s no worse than it’s been for the past several years and people gave then.  But, don’t mistake my disappointment with the lower figure for ungratefulness (which my spell-checker is insisting is not a word).  There was almost $60 million raised for research, etc this year, and that’s awesome.  It’ll go a LONG way.  I just hope there’s a dollar more next year.  (Plus, got to see him get awarded an honorary Doctorate from Chapman University on the show.  That was pretty cool.)
  2. The bathroom is progressing.  The tub FITS, so that’s a relief.  Hoping that there’s still room for the toilet and sink, though…it’s a tight squeeze.  Standard tub-size (32″) seems to be a little wider than my old tub.  Hopefully everything else will fit like it should.  I can’t imagine finding a smaller toilet than the one I already have sitting and waiting to be installed.  Hoping they get the drywall and enclosure up early in the week.  Don’t know if they’re doing that stuff first or if they’re starting with flooring…but I’d assume you get walls before you get floors…
  3. I’ve got a sore throat.  I think I’m coming down with something.  Hoping it doesn’t get any worse than it already is though, because I’ve got a lot to do this week.
  4. I just finished Kurt Vonnegut’s “Palm Sunday.”  It took me about three months for some reason.  Don’t know why.  I think it was the “essay” nature of the book…not as much motivation to “find out what happens” when there’s no story to follow.   All in all, a good story and it should provide some decent material for the record full of songs inspired by Vonnegut—assuming I ever do it.  I think I have a new favorite Vonnegut quote from it, if nothing else.  Regarding the fact that his thesis was refused as (in his estimation) “looking like too much fun” he said the following…  “They can take a flying fuck at the moooooooooooooooon.”  All those extra o’s made me laugh.
  5. Reading a book by Neil Peart (from Rush) at the moment.  It’s the one where he gets on his motorcycle and drives in order to cope with the very quick and successive deaths of his daughter and wife.  It’s called “Ghost Rider.”  Also a song by Rush with that same name.  Probably not a coincidence.  Borrowed the book from my brother, who warned me that there’s a lot of nature-description in it that is fairly boring.  I’m not sure I agree.  I’m only a few chapters in, but I’ve really been enjoying it.  Of course, I might not have gotten to the REALLY boring parts yet or something…but so far, I’ve enjoyed it.  Even the sad bits.
  6. So…  Why can’t any fast food places get an order right anymore?  I was in a Wendy’s with my brother over the weekend.  They got the order of the guy in front of us wrong (they forgot his chilli).  Then I ordered a LARGE #6 and a baked potato.  My brother ordered a couple of things for himself and I think for Valerie too (but I can’t recall for some reason).  After a minute or two, they told me their potatoes were all frozen and it’d be 20 minutes.  No problem.  I switched over to the chicken nuggets.  (It now occurs to me that they didn’t take off the 30-cents that I overpaid for them, but I can let that go.)  Another few minutes and they handed me a bag.  They had a sandwich in it…but I was not given my fries, drink, or nuggets.  I was given the drink then had to remind them of the missing nuggets and fries.  Same thing then happened to Dave—he even said so at the time: “No, I’ve got the same problem he had…”  All sorted, we get out to the car and I realize that they also gave me a MEDIUM drink (somehow I didn’t notice it before then), but I figured that I didn’t want to see how else they could screw up and we left.  Seriously…there was only ONE guy in front of us, and they got ALL of our orders wrong.  What’s the deal with that?  Same basic problem (chain-wide) is why Jack-in-the-Box is now dead to me…but I like Wendy’s a little too much to declare them dead to me at this point…but wow.  That’s really, really terrible.
  7. I need new jeans.  All of my jeans have different things wrong on them.  The pair I’m wearing right now developed a hole just above the pocket I keep my wallet in, in fact.  Lousy durable fabric…
  8. I’m re-watching “Lost” from the beginning.  I’m about half-way through season 1 right now.  I know a lot of “fans” think the show had no real plan and was flailing to write themselves out of the holes in the plot—and as far as season 5 goes, I probably agree with some of that—but re-watching season 1 makes me feel like they at least had SOME idea of where they were headed.  Not 100%.  Maybe only like 50%…but at least I don’t feel like they just made it up as they went along anymore.  So that’s nice.
  9. Empty Checking” for this week is online.  I mention the MDA Telethon…so it’s already dated.  But still a decent listen, I feel…
  10. I’m in the process of making some serious repairs to the wall that goes behind my dining room into my kitchen.  There was some water-damage, and I think I’ve taken care of most of that…but there were also a bunch of screw-mounts in the wall from a phone that used to be there.  Apparently my mom just papered over them when she put up wallpaper in the 80s.  So I ripped all of those out too, and I’ve repaired the holes to SOME extent anyway.  (I’ll need to see how it looks once I’ve sanded.)  Yeesh…
  11. Enjoyed the day off…but in the business I’m in, that just means tomorrow is going to be super-busy.  So…mixed-blessing there.  Looking forward to a LONG day and some very hard work…then I think I’m going over to Dave’s place to play some music, if I get out of work on time.  Should be a long, long day after a short, short vacation.

…and that’s it for now.  We’ll see how I feel for writing later in the week.  I’m hoping I don’t develop a full-on, no sleeping, crappy-feeling, NyQuil chugging cold.  We shall see…

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