I promise I’ll stop bugging you about my bathroom very, very soon.

Okay.  The drywall’s been ripped out.  The sub-floor’s been removed.  The electricity in the room is dead.  Everything’s out of there. 

Tomorrow, the tub should be going in—assuming it fits.  I am not fully convinced that we gained a full 2 inches by just removing the drywall…but we’ll see.  (Have I talked about that?  The tub is 60″.  The room measured 58″ with the drywall up.  That seems like it’s not going to work to me…but…whatever…we’ll see…the contractor seems pretty confident.)  Then it should be pretty quick once they’ve got the flooring in, I’d imagine.  Sinks and toilets are easy installs.  They do have some pipes to replace with plastic (or whatever…PVC?  I don’t know…).  The iron I have down there now is a banned material.  (Wow.  I’ve been drinking poison.)  But hopefully that won’t take a ton of time. 

So…I’m moving on to thinking about decorating.  I mentioned yesterday that I’ve got a “bronze” motif in mind for the accessories.  The shower door, the towel bar, the mirror holder-thingies, etc…all that will have bronze involved.  And I mentioned the possibility of a deep red for the paint…  I wasn’t sure about that even when I wrote it.  It’s a fine line between tasteful, dark, elegant red and crappy, sleazy, whore-house red.  I must tread carefully… 

But in all, I think I might be headed in this direction…maybe a little darker…  (This isn’t the actual room, it’s a bunch of the individual pieces, crappily photoshopped together.) 

Tub obviously not pictured... It would be immediately out of frame on the left...as you sit in it, you'd face this wall...


Okay.  That might not be the actual comic book panel I put above the shelf.  🙂  I just wanted to imply that I’ll put some kind of art there.  Much more likely a landscape.  Or picture of The Who.  Something to make peeing awkward, anyway… 

But I think I kind of like it.  I’m imagining that colour (or a little darker) going all along that wall then over the top of the shower enclosure.  I would probably leave at least one wall white…maybe just doing a “red corner” and a “white corner.”  I can’t imagine painting my door this colour…but maybe I could find a bronze-ish colour close enough to the mirror mount and towel bar to work, and paint the area around the frame in red.  I’d imagine that if I left a wall white, it would be the one you’d be facing if you were sitting on the toilet. 

…but I like this particular image, I think. 

I don’t know how far they’ll get tomorrow…but I hope it’s far enough that the holiday weekend doesn’t feel ridiculously long.  (Odd timing, right?  Who starts a major renovation two working days before Labor Day?  If it weren’t so ironic, it’d almost be poetic.)  I’d like to get some paint on the wall before my next payday (mid-month).  Of course, at the moment, there’s a huge hole in the bathroom floor and the bathtub’s sitting under my carport overnight (in a thunderstorm, no less)…so pretty much, if we just get THAT taken care of, at least it’ll be a lot of forward motion. 


EDIT: Oh and PS…  This isn’t in any way related to the bathroom (nor to my job, before anyone gets any ideas)…  But why is it when someone tells you “You can do whatever you want” they invariably proceed to tell you that you’re doing it wrong and then tell you exactly how you SHOULD do it?  That’s just so insulting.

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