I really wanted to title this post with just the “F” word, but reconsidered at the last moment…

Remodel on my bathroom starts on Thursday.  That’s too soon and the guy won’t move the date.  (Seems like if he REALLY wanted money, he wouldn’t force the presumably paying customer to do things they don’t want to do…but I digress…)

Here is a list of stuff I need vs. what I have:

  1. Bathtub – Had one picked out, but looked at some online reviews and found NOTHING but negative reviews with EVERY one saying it cracked within 10 uses.  So…back to square one…
  2. Tub Enclosure – MAY still be able to use the one I’d picked out to match the original tub…but this will have to be finalized when I find the tub.
  3. Shower Head and Spout and Whatnot – Pending on the tub and enclosure, but I think I kind of know what I want, based on the light fixture I found.  But this depends on the price and compatibility with the chosen tub, etc, etc…
  4. Light Fixture – One of the few things I’m happy with.
  5. Mirror/Medicine Cabinet – The choices all look terrible and cheap…but I feel that way about every medicine cabinet I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’d just as soon hang a GOOD looking mirror where the cabinet WOULD go and put up shelves.  (I’d love that, in fact.)  So this one’s chosen, but I think medicine cabinets suck universally, so I’m never going to be happy with it.
  6. Towel Rod, Toilet Paper Holder, etc, etc. – Only other thing(s) I’m particularly happy with—again based largely on my choice of light fixture.
  7. Bathroom Fan – Who cares?  I chose the cheapest one they have.
  8. Shower Door – Oddly, I think I’ve actually GOT this picked out, despite the lack of anything else having to do with the tub/shower…but I’ll need to find a tub and enclosure before this one’s completely squared away.
  9. Flooring – A NIGHTMARE!  I pretty much have to choose between one of about 10 TERRIBLE choices because the contractor “has” (sic) to use Home Depot—and Home Depot blows ass in every conceivable way that an ass can be blown.  (Again with that whole “forcing people to do what they don’t want to” thing?  Hmm…who is it that has to be happy with this room for a few decades, again?)
  10. Grout – Depends on the flooring…so this is up in the air too.
  11. Toilet – Think I’ve got it…need to read a couple of online reviews…but basically if it flushes, I’ll be fine.

So…out of 11 items, over the course of about a week and a half, I’ve made “final” decisions on FIVE of them…but only ONE of those is a “big-ticket” item (toilet) and the tub/enclosure is the first thing he’ll need to know… 

And again…  Thursday.  It starts THURSDAY.

So…if anyone needs me tomorrow, I’ll be at Home Depot trying not to punch a hole in any of the bathtubs.  (Or actually…maybe I SHOULD try that in order to make sure they won’t BREAK like the one I WAS going to go with!)  Really wish I at least had the weekend…

And this probably also means I don’t even have time to go to the damn comic book store tomorrow!

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