Oh by the way…

If you want to talk to me about the “Liberal Media Bias” that’s supposedly out there…

…then why didn’t I hear ANYTHING in the media about the last combat troops leaving Iraq on the 20th?  That probably should’ve gotten some applause from the Obamanauts out there, no?  Even when I Googled it, I got suggestions for “last combat troops leave Vietnam” and NOTHING about Iraq.  Wow.

Those crazy, crazy, Liberals.

Congrats to the troops for living through Hell.  I pray that you never have to see it again.

Random Updates

Wow…haven’t written hardly at all this week.  Sorry.  Here are some random updates to get something on the page.

  1. Did some looking for the bathroom remodel today.  I genuinely thought I’d love this project, but this blows ass.  First off, I’m limited to Home Depot—and Home Depot isn’t my favorite.  (They also once tried to arrest my brother…but that’s a story I’ll let him tell on HIS blog, should he ever choose to do so.)  Lowe’s is much better with a better selection and nicer people.  (Seriously, the guy that was working in lighting at Home Depot looked me up and down, decided I wasn’t going to buy anything, and walked right by me without so much as a “finding everything?”  What a dick.)  But beyond that…I just don’t imagine ANY of that flooring in any part of my house, much less my bathroom.  But, I think I’ve basically landed on something neutral that will allow me to paint in some decent colours at least…  But it did also lead to the following question…
  2. Are bathtubs bigger now than they used to be?  The bathroom at the house is 58″, wall to wall.  From what I can see, the bathtub is FLUSH against BOTH walls (no recesses are apparent) and measures at—you guessed it—58″.  Yet every tub I saw was 60″.  That seems to be a problem…  Anyone have any advice?  Am I doomed to this 1960s, powder blue bathtub for the rest of my life?  Also, I’d really like an 18″ tub depth to replace the current 13″ one.  I hope that’s possible.  I’d love to be able to get the hot water up to the part of my back that needs it.
  3. Moving on…  GOING TO SEE RUSH TOMORROW!!!  I really, really NEED this show.  Extra bonus that I’m going with my brother and our friend Tim, just like in the old days (though I will miss Marc being there, too).  Plus, I hear that a BUNCH of my old SLCC (and other) friends are going, too.  Hoping to arrange a big meet-up, or at least accidentally bump into some folks.  This should be awesome…assuming it doesn’t suck.
  4. Short reviews of the three CDs I mentioned in the last post (longer reviews coming in this week’s “Empty Checking“).  Maiden – Honestly, a little disappointed…but not terrible.  I’d give it somewhere from a C+ to B-, depending on the day.  Mellencamp – I love it.  Grade = A.  Iron and Wine – Good sitting around, relaxing music…bad for driving in rush-hour.  second disc’s better than the first.  B to B+.
  5. Here’s a fun game you can play at church.  When they’re singing the songs, replace the name “Jesus” with “Elvis.”  Laughter ensues.  A few examples:
    • “My Elvis, I love thee.  I know thou art mine.”
    • “What a Friend we have in Elvis.”
    • “All to Elvis, I surrender. King, I give myself to thee.”
    • “Elvis loves me this I know, for Sam Phillips told me so.”
    • “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis…there’s just something about that name.  Master, savior, Elvis…”  🙂  (That one’s my favorite…)
  6. Electricity in my basement’s still out…but I think the problem has been traced to the junction box.  (Did I mention that?  That none of the outlets in my basement work, for some reason?  The lights are all fine, but the outlets are all dead.)  It sucks.  My guitars are all quiet and the guy who wanted to do a demo with me is probably getting a little pissed off right about now, too…  When it rains, huh?
  7. A guy nearly killed me and two other people on the highway on Thursday morning.  He cut across three lanes without looking.  There was swerving, brake-slamming, honking, swearing…it’s kind of a miracle no one was hit, hurt, or killed.  Subsequently, I was trying to figure out a way to ram him so hard that his car would explode, but mine would be fine.  It was a couple of minutes before I realized that the math was beyond me and I just flipped him off.
  8. Brief list of fast food places that are dead to me:
    1. Jack in the Box
    2. Jimmy John’s
    3. Imo’s Pizza
    4. Arby’s  (They didn’t actually do anything wrong, but for some reason they make my stomach hurt these days.  Dunno why.)
  9. I keep getting people saying nice things about the “New Year’s Eve” project.  That’s cool.  So far, not a single douchebag has said anything bad about it to me.  That’s almost unprecedented.  I know a LOT of douchebags!

…and that’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ll have things to say after the Rush show.  Tune in to Empty Checking a little later this weekend (tonight, maybe?) for reviews of the above stuff…some other stuff…and the following stuff…

Comic books purchased this week (because I haven’t mentioned it yet):

  • Batman Beyond – Issue #3 of 6
  • CBGB – Issue #2 (Apparently it IS a recurring series!)
  • Uncanny X-Men – Issue # 527
  • The New Avengers – Issue #3 (Heroic Age Tie In)
  • The Sixth Gun – Issue #3
  • Darkwing Duck – Issue #3


Current Listening:

  • Ruuuuuuush!