Pictures I Stole

My friend (and coworker!) Tara came to see me play with the Feldman Group last month.  She took some pictures and posted them on Facebook.  In true Derek Brink fashion, I hit “Save As…” on all the ones of ME, and I thought I’d share them here.  All due credit to Tara Black, who is an excellent photographer and is available for weddings, parties, baby-photos, and funerals.  

Wait.  Not funerals.  Sorry. 

Anyway…please enjoy the pics (and my comments in the captions).  🙂  

Easing you in with a shot of Mike playing guitar. I really dig this shot. Thinking I'm gonna draw Mike's attention to it.
I always dig shots like this.

Ah my Facebook friends...slowly chronicling my alcoholism one picture at a time.
From the "Derek kinda looks like Neil Young" files.
I look really shocked by whatever's going on just out of frame, don't I?
I like this one a lot. It really shows off my beard.
I dig this one a lot too. I'm an active guy. Those are motion lines. (Twenty Internets awarded to those who know what I'm referencing there.)
...annnnd from the "He may be fat, but he sure can ROCK!" files...

And on another note.  Thanks to all the people who’ve been downloading New Year’s Eve.  I’ve gotten some really nice Facebook comments, e-mails, and so on.  Glad it’s hitting a chord with some folks!  I’m really pleased with it, and it’s always nice to get the kind of feedback that makes you think that maybe you’re NOT crazy.  🙂

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