“New Year’s Eve” – The Music and the Thanks…

Hope you all enjoyed reading the “New Year’s Eve” story over the past few days.  As promised, here is a post with the music.  You can download it all for free.  No charge.  No catch.  I’m posting the song links (including one that has the whole thing in one file, if you’d prefer that), but I’m also following them with the “Thanks” and “Credits” type stuff that would normally be in a CD jacket.  If you’d like to see the whole project on my website in the format that I originally intended it, please click here.  (It’d be nice if you at least took a peek at the art.  I worked pretty hard on it.)  🙂  The music itself is fully produced and mixed.  Guitars, bass, drums, etc, etc.  It’s a proper album.  And—again—it’s FREE.

Also, as one small story-note, the story and the music are of course related and tell the SAME story, but you’ll notice portions of the story that are missing from either format on its own.  To get the full story, you really would benefit from reading AND listening…so give it a shot, if you haven’t.

Anyway…with no further ado.  Here are the songs.  If you would be interested in getting a hard-copy (a CD-R with full disc jacket and jewel case) please let me know.  All I’d charge is shipping cost, if any.

  1. New Year’s Eve
  2. Left it All
  3. Letting You Go
  4. Nothing Stays the Same
  5. Only the Memory
  6. Gone
  7. Falling
  8. Make Something of Myself
  9. Suspended
  10. Epilogue (“NYE Theme”/”Wonderful Words of Life”)

OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING AS ONE FILE.  If you’re the type that would rather think of it as one piece on your iPod, this is the link for YOU!  🙂


Credits and Thanks:


Stuff I played: Guitar, Bass, Piano/Organ, Drums (some of which were done with a keyboard), Harmonica, and I sang, too.

“Wonderful Words of Life” was written by Phillip P. Bliss, and is in the public domain. Arr. D. Brink.

Thanks: To all the people I thanked on the “Out from the Light” CD, since this was done just after completion of that record, and not much has changed. I suppose I owe some particular recognition to Dayna, who was the first person to tell me the idea didn’t suck, which kind of convinced me that I wasn’t crazy for trying it. Also thanks to SLCC for laying me off, which provided the inspiration to finish this thing, and the folks at ICS for making sure that inspiration didn’t last too long–as it were…

Thank YOU for downloading this exclusive music, only available here and at live-shows.  Incidentally, if you would be interested in picking up a CD-R copy with full album artwork, hand-signed and numbered by yours truly, please e-mail me via the “Contact” link on the main page, and I’ll be glad to send one to you.  All I ask is that you pay shipping (about $3, I think).  And remember, I encourage sharing.  Please feel free to burn a copy for a friend, or direct them to this page.

Inspirational Materials:

Music: Michael Penn–“Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947,” Aimee Mann–“Lost in Space,” Ray Davies–“Working Man’s Cafe,” David Bowie–“Reality” and “Heathen,” Rufus Wainwright–“Release the Stars,” and assorted Frank Black stuff.

Books: Nick Hornby–“A Long Way Down” (HUGE influence on this project), Albert Camus–“The Stranger,” Craig Thompson–“Blankets.”

Movies: Hard Core Logo, X-Men 2, Little Miss Sunshine, Milk, High Fidelity (as always).


And…as a special note just on the blog…  I’m really thrilled to be able to do this.  We live in a time where recording technology and web-hosting is affordable and easy to work with.  Good Lord, why don’t more people do this?!?  It’s really exciting to be able to have an idea, put it together, and share it with conceivably the entire world in a matter of minutes.  Get out there and do something awesome folks.  We have the technology!

Thanks for hanging in there for the whole thing over the past few days.  I’ll post something inane and stupid soon to make it up to you who think it sucks.

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