Bloopity Blop

I didn’t have the energy to come up with a blog-title that was clever.  So sue me.  (Actually don’t.  I’ve got enough financial problems…)

Let’s get random…whaddya’ say?

  1. Someone found my blog by Googling, “in summer do spiders prefer heat.”  I’m pretty sure I’ve never written about that…but welcome, my (apparent) fellow arachnid-fearing friend.
  2. My brother just wrote a post about the incident where Kings of Leon walked out on their St. Louis show.  (And let’s stop calling it a cancellation.  They WALKED OUT on their fans that night.)  He pretty much sums up everything I think about it.  So go read that.  And remember, as I’ve posted on Facebook…  Cyndi Lauper > Kings of Leon.  (I’ve also been enjoying the efforts of those calling them “Kings of Pigeon,” by the way.)
  3. I also reviewed it in this week’s installment of “Empty Checking,” but just a quick word about Shooter Jennings (and Hierophant’s) new record, “Black Ribbons.”  You’ve GOT to hear this thing.  It may be on its way to being my record of the year.  No one could be more surprized by that than me…but that’s just how good the thing is.  (I struggled for three minutes trying to figure out a way to use any word other than “is” to end that sentence…)  It’s kinda nuts…but in the best way.  It’s NOT country, for those familiar with his back-catalogue.  It’s something completely different and fresh.  As I’ve been saying to others, what Waylon Jennings was to Outlaw Country, Shooter Jennings is to whatever the hell this record is supposed to be.  (Same problem there with the word “be” that time…)
  4. I might be coming down with something.  I’m just abnormally tired lately.  I mean…I’m always tired…but I’m different-tired this week.  Maybe I’m just still recovering from a long, long, fun gig on Friday night, though.
  5. Y’know what’s good?  Make yourself a sandwich.  Nothing fancy, just a little bit of sliced turkey, maybe a slice of velveeta…slap some mustard on there…now grab a bag of that prepackaged salad (iceberg lettuce preferred).  Put just a little bit of salad on top of your sandwich and shove that thing into your food-hole.  You’re welcome.
  6. Remember that Iron Maiden show I went to last week?  Forgot to mention that we were seated in an unfortunately named row.  We were in row KKK.  Seriously?  No one thought that one through?
  7. I’m playing a song for a guy’s birthday party this Saturday night.  It’s like a 3-minute song.  By comparison, it’ll take us more than 3 times as long to set up.  Ah well…it’ll be fun.  Plus, the party’s at Sybergs…so…shark steak…
  8. In a follow-up to a recent post, I’m sending a check to Haiti this week.
  9. I should be meeting with a guy to see if I want to be his bass player in the very near future.  I mentioned it here before, I think.  He’s a guy I was in college with who called me out of the blue, needing a bass player.  We’re going to get into a room and see how it sounds.  Should be a fun experiment if nothing else.  The guy’s a talented songwriter, and you learn SOMETHING from everyone you play with…so I’m looking forward to it.  Might just have another band for my bio coming up!
  10. Meeting with my brother tomorrow (err…later today) to play some songs in his basement.  We’ll probably also start talking about what we’re planning on doing with this thing, too…  I have some thoughts…but even I don’t think much of the things coming out of my brain these days…so who knows?
  11. I am going to try to schedule a dentist visit for next weekend (hopefully the 7th).  I haven’t had the TIME to go any other day so far.  Don’t want to take off from work, if I can avoid it and I’ve been crazy-busy on the last two Saturdays.  Hoping the teeth hold out another week at least.
  12. There’s an episode of Star Trek: TNG on that I don’t think I’ve ever seen.  How can that be?
  13. There comes a time in every man’s life when he considers wearing a fishing vest.  Now is that time.

…and I think that’s all I’ve got to say for the moment.

As Will O’ the Wisp says, go on loving.  That’s the one thing they can’t kill.