So I had a Gig, Right?

Did a show with the Michael Feldman Group on Friday night.  Used to be in Mike’s band full-time, but now I’m not.  And actually, thanks to a new, ridiculous (IMO) work schedule, even MIKE’S barely in his band full-time.  They’re having long stretches between gigs and it’s been a little rough.  Guess that’s what happens when your job has to keep your family fed…but I digress…

It was a good set.  We played 4 hours (give or take) of classic rock and blues.  I hadn’t played that much bass in over a year, so I had my worries, but we pulled it off.  I even sang a few.  I had to piece together a bass rig from a small Line 6 bass amp, a 5-Channel mixer, and a PA speaker.  But I actually really liked the sound it gave me!  🙂  May not need to dish out the cash for a new bass rig just yet…but we’ll see…

Some friends and family showed up to show their support.  The tip jar was as full as I’ve ever seen it at a Feldman gig.  People seemed to like it.  Thanks to everyone who was there.  I’m glad you all found parking spaces in that tiny little lot.  Hope the pictures Tara was taking turned out alright.  (If so, maybe I can post a couple.)

So yeah…that was lots of fun.

…but here’s the thing…  As I said, I haven’t done that in about a year.  That was the first time I’ve stood with a bass strapped to me for four hours in a very long time.  Shortly after the gig ended (on the drive home), I was already starting to feel it.  My back was sore, my shoulder hurt, my fingers were throbbing, my knees were wobbly.  I felt like I’d been beaten up by Jesus.

How did I let this happen to myself?!?


On a side note – New installment of “Empty Checking” is up.  Been getting some “error” reports on it, but I’m not sure why.  I think it’s on the host’s end…but if it keeps happening, please let me know and I’ll try a new upload.