A Few Things

Got a couple of things I’ve been meaning to write about.  Even though my last post was on 7/20, I feel like I haven’t written much since getting back.  Hopefully this’ll make up for it a little, since there are so many topics involved.

  1. In case you missed it, I’ve got a gig tomorrow (Friday) playing bass with the Michael Feldman Group.  We’re playing from 9-1 at Eddie’s Pub (416 South 5th Street, St. Charles, Mo. 63301).  21+.  No cover charge.  Should be fun.  Come on by and say hello.  I haven’t played with Mike in over a year and it’d be nice to have a big turn-out.  We’re doing mostly classic rock and blues covers…might even throw in some country if people won’t kill us for it.  And if you’re extra nice, I just *might* sing a couple myself.  🙂
  2. My student loan was transferred to a different handler completely without my knowledge.  I found out about it when I tried to log in to the place where I’ve been paying on my loan for the past five years.  They told me there that it’s been transferred to Mohela.  So I registered at Mohela and now I can’t figure out how to pay it.  I’ve e-mailed a couple of times, but they have NOT gotten back to me to tell me how to pay.  So, if anyone out there knows how to pay on a student loan at Mohela.com, please fill me in okay?  They’re not helpful at ALL and I’m sure they’ll wait until after my first late fee to give me any info.
  3. I’ve recently become a “Deadliest Catch” addict.  Always liked it, but only really started caring recently.  (It’s weird…I’m afraid of large bodies of water—and the Lovecraftian beings that dwell within them—to the point that I can’t even watch documentaries on the ocean or “Blue Planet” or anything like that without getting the shivers…but I can’t get enough of this show!)  Captain Phil Harris was one of the captains.  As has been huge news all over the world, he died in February from a massive stroke.  They just showed the episodes dealing with that over the past couple of weeks.  In this last episode, one of the other captains from the fleet said something like, “Out here you eat whatever you can, you don’t sleep right, and if you’re tired you drink another pot of coffee.  That catches up to you.”  That sounds ‘vaguely’ (extremely) familiar and kinda got me thinking.  It’d suck to die at 53.  Might just start drinking less coffee, at least…
  4. I have a back-up plan for the gig on Friday, but I think my old bass amp is on its way out.  That’s a bummer.  I’ve had it since 1994.  It’s the thing I got with some of the money when my mom died.  It’s been a real workhorse, and has always sounded great…and now it might be time for a new one.  Not sure what to buy…but I hear the “Acoustic” brand is pretty good.  Any bass players out there with strong opinions?  Just need an amp head.  Still got speakers (in spades).
  5. As you can see from the blog, I’ve got a lot of little things—most of which involve me owing or spending money—driving me nuts lately.  Kinda gets to ya’ after a while…  And on a related note, if I have to sit with ONE MORE PERSON who I can audibly hear chewing their food because they don’t just close their freaking mouths while they chew, I’m going to lose it.
  6. Facebook quote of the day (read in my news feed).  For some reason this made me laugh really hard…
    • Friend #1’s status: “Where did the day go?”
    • Friend #2’s reply: “Up your butt.”
  7. The Drive-By Truckers just played here over the weekend opening for Tom Petty.  I hear it was good.  Missed it.  Saw Iron Maiden instead…  But DBT’s doing a full set here in October.  Probably gonna go to that.  Already looking forward to it.
  8. Rush is also going to be here soon.  Next month, in fact.  Haven’t seen them in probably close to 10 years, and I’ve just realized with the release of their “Beyond the Lighted Stage” documentary (which I HIGHLY recommend) that I’ve missed them.  Might have to go to that, if I can find anyone to go with—unsure of Dave’s status for that evening.
  9. And finally…  Here’s the list of comic books I bought this week.  Full reviews coming in “Empty Checking” this weekend, along with some other things.
    • The Avengers (Heroic Age Tie-In) – Issue #3
    • The New Avengers (Heroic Age Tie-In) – Issue #2
    • CBGB – Issue #1 – I’m not sure if they’re planning another issue or not, but this was kinda cool for all the punk rock fans out there.  It’s a quick summary of the early days of punk, centering around the old CBGB club.  This’ll definitely take up a few minutes on the podcast this week, as I’m very likely to talk about how awesome the RAMONES are for a little bit.  🙂
    • Neonomicon – Issue #1 – “Watchmen” and “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” author Alan Moore (and Jacen Burrows) offers his twisted take on the Lovecraft lore.  Cthulhu is returning.  And things are starting to go nuts.  It’s set in the present day.  Really gritty and graphic…and I can’t wait for issue #2.  Dave (ahem—since you don’t listen to my podcast), you may just want to read this one…
    • Batman Beyond – Issue #2 of 6

So that’s what’s been going on.  Hope to see at least some of you at Eddie’s tomorrow.  I think they have food, if that does anything for you…and you’ll get to see me in my brand new Harvey Pekar tribute shirt, which just arrived in the mail today!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. sorry about your loan – (EAS?) got transferred in just recently.
    Mohela won’t allow you to pay online – no way, no how – so you’re not missing anything. i personally pay over their automated phone system which is reasonably secure and uses either routing numbers for a e-check or your debit card numbers. the only other option is to mail your payment as a paper check each month.
    i’m a bit ticked on your behalf about the lack of communication, though. it shouldn’t be confusing to give your money to people who want it…

    1. Wow. Really? It’s 2010 and they don’t have online bill pay? What bunch of douchebags.

      Any chance you can provide the phone number?

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