Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity…Jog? …Jag? …Jig? How does that go again?

Officially back from Chicago.  Good trip.  Finally got a Chicago-style hot dog at a place called “Rosie’s” this morning before leaving town.  (Pics follow below.)

Got home to discover that the City of St. Louis apparently issued me a parking ticket back on 6/25.  I found this out by getting a notice of “delinquency of payment” (sic) and a threat to boot or tow my vehicle if it is not paid by 8/9.  The problem here is tri-fold and goes as follows:

  1. I was NOT issued a ticket on 6/25.  I didn’t have a ticket on my vehicle.  I have not received one in the mail (which would, if I understand the law, also necessitate photographic evidence of my “crime,” which I also have not received).  And yet, I am now “delinquent” (sic) in payment of a ticket that never existed in the first place.
  2. To my knowledge, I have NEVER parked at the intersection mentioned on the ticket.
  3. Burden of proof is on the accuser, not on the accused.  Anyone can WRITE a parking citation…but there has been absolutely no evidence provided to me that I did commit this violation.  Which I didn’t.

Even though it’s going to cost more than the cost of the ticket, I am contacting an attorney on this one.  If the state can provide me ANY evidence of the violation, then I guess I just don’t remember doing it and I’ll pay the ticket…but the “delinquent” part of the ticket is an absolute fabrication, since there was NEVER a first-issuance.  That I will not pay without a lawyer telling me to do so.  If I did wrong, I’m man enough to admit it…but this?  This is just insulting.  It’s the kind of thing that makes people vote against bills designed to give money to police departments.  Seems like they’re (fradulently) getting ENOUGH of my money, to me…  City officials are only in power because the people ALLOW them to be.  Their power is limited.  And I’m pretty sure I have a lawyer who is capable of reminding them of that.

So welcome home, huh?


In other news…  I was going to write a much longer post, with a section about how I’m going to try to be more fair to the celebrities, performers, and organizations I write about on my blog (with the possible exception of some political figures, talk-radio personalities, and/or people who are just ridiculously irresponsible) unless it’s obviously a joke.  I’m still going to hold myself to the concept of being more fair in the things I write…but the explanation got long-winded.  Basically, it boils down to this…  I think my points are valid.  I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t.  But my statement of those points is sometimes less than constructive.  ANYONE can read my blog…and if a celebrity whose last record or movie wasn’t my cup of tea wanders by, will they get my (possibly valid) POINT or just see that I called their last project a pile of crap?  I fear it’s often the latter.  So I may still say I hate a record or movie…but I’m going to be more careful about the reasons I give.  That’s the short version.  (Not that Paris Hilton or someone like that is likely to stumble upon my blog, mind you…)

Anyway…  Here are some pics from the Chicago trip.  Sorry that some of the pics from my phone suck.  I couldn’t sneak a real camera into the show and the camera on the phone doesn’t do well in low-light, long-distance situations (making it virtually useless).  Nevertheless…here we go!

Bathroom of our hotel room. I took this mostly because I like the mirror.
Not that you'd know it...but that's Dream Theater on stage. You'll notice the major design flaw of the ampitheatre...the sun is DIRECTLY BEHIND THE STAGE while it's setting. That's BLINDING during the first act's set.
Not that you'd know it...but that's Iron Maiden on stage. The backdrop was really cool. It was a star field. I'm hoping Dave has some better shots of the show, since mine blow.
This is a pic of the screen that was right above us. That's Steve Harris playing the bass. I took a few shots like this, but most of THEM are even blurry. Just posting a few to prove that I was actually there. 🙂
A blurry shot of Bruce Dickinson, also from the screen.
This was the gyro I ordered from Rosey's Place on the way home. It was good, but I forgot to order feta on it. My mistake. (You'll notice how much clearer THIS one is...yet it is also from my phone. Hmph.)
This is the real Chicago-style hot dog (also from Rosey's) that I ordered with lunch. I really only wanted the gyro, but how can you go to Chicago and NOT eat a hot dog? 🙂 It was awesome! I could go for another one of those right now.
This is Dave attempting to text a picture of his lunch to his wife. I like it both because I enjoy the amount of focus Dave is giving to his task...but also because it kind of shows off what the diner looked like. I liked the look of the place and wish MORE places looked like that.
This one's a little bit hard to make out...but on the ride home we started passing by this trailer. Would've thought it had horses or cows or something like that on it, like you normally see...but these were pigs. It had two levels of pigs. We were both fascinated by that and I snapped this picture. One of the pigs had his (or her?) snout sticking through the holes right before I took the shot, but I missed it. Bummer. That was kind of funny looking. (On a side note... Mmmm...bacon!)
Is it just me or is this one WEIRD Antique Mall?
Nope...not just me. Is that a spaceship?!?
Front of the Football Shirt I bought. Pretty cool.
Back of the shirt. That's pretty cool, because the last one I bought a couple of years ago didn't have anything on the back. Unfortunately, that also seems to have driven the prices up significantly...but whatever. Only see the show ONCE, y'know?

And that’s it.  🙂