I’m still bummed about Harvey Pekar…but let’s get something else on here…

I know most of my readers (if any) don’t share the same affinity for Harvey Pekar that I do, so I’m going to put something else up here.  I’m still going to devote most of my podcast to him over the weekend, anyway…

For now…let’s get random…

  1. In one last piece of Pekar news, to show you how BAD the coverage of his death was, when I went to the comic book store today, I asked if anyone was as bummed as I was about his death.  The three guys behind the counter, almost in unison said, “Did he die?”  Guys who WORK in a comic book store didn’t even know he’d died.  Not their fault…the national media just doesn’t give a crap about the underdog.  (And neither, apparently, does David Letterman, who played a major role in Pekar’s rise until their falling out in the 80s.  Letterman has YET to comment on Harv’s death.  What’s wrong Dave?  Intern got your tongue?)
  2. RIP to George Steinbrenner.  I don’t care about baseball.  I’m not saying you’re wrong if you like it, but I just find it boring.  Nevertheless, I knew who Steinbrenner was, and that says something about the man.  Here’s to one of my favorite members of the background cast of “Seinfeld.”
  3. Speaking of “Seinfeld,” anyone else think Mel Gibson’s just trying to make Michael Richards feel better about himself?  Yikes.  (I stole that from my friend Tara’s Facebook status.)  Tell ya’ what, though…  I’d really like to hear what Danny Glover thinks of all this.  No matter what his opinion, when it comes to the mental-state of Riggs…I’m going to side with Murtaugh.
  4. There’s some potentially very interesting stuff going on at my office right now.  Not the least of which is the possibility of me and Larry starting up our own web-comic…but I don’t want anyone to steal the idea, so I’m keeping a lid on it.  🙂
  5. I mentioned my chipped tooth last week.  I’ve been trying to get a dentist to either call or e-mail me back.  No dice.  What’s the DEAL with this industry?!?  The only one I DID get a reply from told me that they were out of network for my insurance—and I didn’t even tell them what my insurance WAS.  (So…that’s how the “Soft Touch” office in Florissant treats you, okay everybody?)  So…progress on my teeth: Pending.  I’m thinking I’m going to call my dad’s old friend Doctor John (not the porn store) and see if he can get me in.  He’s a 45-minute drive from my house…but at least then I’d know the money was going to a good man.  Either way, at this point, it’s going to have to wait until after the weekend.  Heading to Chicago and don’t have time to get in before then, what with my brother’s birthday and whatnot also being this weekend.
  6. The Chicago trip is, of course, to see Iron Maiden and Dream Theater for Dave’s birthday.  I’ve mentioned it here before, I’m sure…  Should be cool.  Haven’t seen Dream Theater since the “Scenes from a Memory” tour.  And I’ve not seen Maiden perform MOST of the songs on their current setlist—so that should be really special!  (I mean, as much as I’ll miss “The Evil that Men Do,” I’ve heard them do it live EVERY time…kinda cool to see the rarer, newer stuff, IMO.)  Look for a full report on Monday.
  7. Reminder: I’ll be appearing at Eddie’s Pub in St. Charles (don’t think they have a website…I’ll get the address before the show) with the Michael Feldman Group on July 23 (next Friday).  Should be fun.  I’ll mostly be playing bass…but I’d imagine I *might* be coaxed into singing some CCR, if need be.  🙂
  8. I’m becoming well known for my dislike of grown men who ride their bicycles in the middle of the damn street.  I can’t stand that.  (It’d be fine if they were on the shoulder, or sidewalk, or at least tried to get as far over to the right as possible—and STOP AT STOP SIGNS/LIGHTS!!!  …the folks who do that are alright…but they do NOT seem to be the norm.)  However, I would like to point out something.  Over the weekend, I was asked if I’ve ever made a right-hand turn by pulling into the bike-lane on a road.  The answer is no.  I have not.  I want them out of MY lane, so I’m staying out of THEIRS.  I think that’s fair.  (Plus, there just aren’t that many places I go that HAVE bike lanes in the first place…but when they’re there, I say “Bike Lanes for the Bikers.”)  🙂

And that should do it for now.  I’ll try to blog again before then, but in case not…happy birthday on the 18th, Dave.


Comic Books Purchased–SHORT reviews (a sentence or two—or less—each) forthcoming in this week’s “Empty Checking”:

  1. The Unwritten – Issue #15
  2. The Sixth Gun – Issues #1-2 (which was created by former Fantasy Shop employees, btw)
  3. The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles – Issue #1
  4. Batman – Issue #701 – AKA: “RIP The Missing Chapter” (which—though pretty good—tells you pretty much all you need to know about Grant Morrison…sigh.)
  5. Uncanny X-Men: One Shot “Heroic Age” tie-in
  6. Justice League: Generation Lost – Issue #5