Gig Wrap-Up

Thanks to anyone and everyone who came out to the gig at Beatnik’s tonight (or last night, if you’re a stickler for the day starting at midnight). 

Beatnik’s has a really cool Bistro-ish vibe to it, and though I always am hesitant at playing outside, they’ve got just about the perfect environment for it with plenty of shade and citronella torches.  (Though I still swatted more than a couple mosquitoes…I blame the oil spill…)  New Town itself is a really nice area, but has a slight “A sci-fi/horror movie could develop here at ANY time” vibe about it.

I was wrong about a thing or two going in.  There were only TWO acts, counting me.  The second act played an electric set (and they were really good).  And the “art show” was not an “art show,” but was rather a display of the art of one specific artist on the walls of the restaurant.  

The artist does BEAUTIFUL and some slightly visceral work that I really like.  Meant to see if he has a website, but like most things I mean to do, I forgot.  Talked with the guy for a little while.  He was nice enough to ask me about my “process” for songwriting and apparently was a Blue Tattoo fan, particularly citing “I Go…” as a favorite song of his.  Apparently prior to booking the gig he’d SPECIFICALLY asked Shawn (who booked it and sang in the other band) to have me play, which was a really nice complement.  That’s the kind of thing that makes everything you do and go through as a songwriter/indie musician WORTH it.  Plus, he’s a big Tom Waits fan.  So we had plenty to chat about.

Sold a couple of CDs, too…which is also always a nice complement.

So, all in all, a really fun night.  I think I ended up playing a little closer to an hour than 45 minutes.  No one seemed to mind, and the applause was really generous at times.  I forgot the words to the opening song…but in all, it turned out well.

I took a list of 20-ish songs…played them as they came to me…this, as near as I can remember—correct me if I’m wrong—is the set I think I did…  (Seems like I’m missing one though…)

  1. Fighting Drunk
  2. In My Heart
  3. Hands
  4. Mother Maybelle’s Shotgun
  5. I Go…
  6. Red Vines (by Aimee Mann)
  7. Remember Me
  8. Sister Myrtle
  9. Where is My Mind? (by the Pixies)
  10. Born in this Town
  11. Out from the Light
  12. The Real Me (by The Who)
  13. Fall Apart
  14. Stranger

And as a small note for myself in the future, I played my Martin D-15 guitar and ran through the Line 6 delay (for a little reverb), the BBE Sonic Stomp, and the Fishman Dreadnought pedals.

EDIT: I don’t think anyone recorded anything, but I know some of you took pictures.  I’d be interested to see whatever you’ve got.  Contact me in the comments, e-mail, or via Facebook.  Thanks!