Quick Post

Still got the gig coming up on Saturday (see below) and I think I might be getting a cold.  Been sneezing a lot today.  Seems like this happens almost every time I have a gig…

So, this is just a quick post to get another post on the page before I do the gig this weekend…

I’m not sure I’ll have time to do an “Empty Checking” thing this weekend.  Maybe on Sunday…but my routine has been to do it on Saturday, and I’ll be pretty busy.  So might be a small break until either (a) I can get a spare 20-ish minutes to record it or (b) next weekend.  🙂

So…here’s the super short version.  Got a lot of comic books this week.  Partially, I had a gift card to Amazon, so I picked up some stuff I’ve meant to read…so not all of this was purchased with money that could have gone to a good cause.  (I am setting aside some cash and earmarking it for Haiti.  Just want to get my next paycheck under me in case of emergencies.)

Comic Books purchased and/or gift-carded:

  • Captain America: Winter Soldier — I’ve known all about it forever, but never read it.  Playing catch up.
  • The Death of Captain America Vol. 2-3 — Same as above.  Actually, I read most of part 2, but dunno what happened to it.  I think I lent it to someone or left it somewhere…either way, needed to re-get it to finish it up so I can finally read part 3.
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth — Mike at the Fantasy Shop talked me into it.  We were talking about GL and I mentioned that I’ve never really gotten everyone’s fascination.  He said that it’d be a good place to start.  Haven’t read it yet…  But with how integral the Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Core has become in the DC Universe, I feel like I at least need a working knowledge of the character.  Who knows…maybe I’ll dig it and end up rocking a Power Ring.
  • Mike also ordered me a copy of the new Red Hood: The Lost Days issue.  They’d sold out of it by the time I got there.  He called the St. Charles location and they had ONE they could send to him.  (Should be in tomorrow.  They’re over-nighting it, at no additional charge to me!)  He said it was for, “Derek Brink.  He’s one of our regulars.”  He didn’t even have to ask my name.  I know some people probably think it’s stupid…but that felt kind of nice.  Everybody wants to go where everybody knows their name.
  • Steve Rogers: Super Soldier — Issue #1 (Heroic Age Tie-In)
  • X-Men — Issue #1 (Heroic Age Tie-In)
  • Batman Odyssey – Issue #1

So, basically, either I’m catching up this week, or I’m starting a new series.  Nice.

…and that’ll probably have to take the place of the podcast this week.  So I’ve mercifully saved you 20 or so minutes…  🙂

That’s it for now…  See you at the gig.  I’ll try not to suck.

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