Please come see me…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m playing at Beatnik’s on July 10.  Well, this is the official pimpin-the-show post.

The show, as I said, is at Beatnik’s in New Town St. Charles (3331 Rue Royale; St. Charles, MO 63301).  It starts at 8:00 pm.  There are two other acts playing as well.  I don’t know anything about them.  I do know that the show is all acoustic.  Just boy-with-guitar type stuff.  I am presently unaware of any cover-charge or age restriction.  All ages welcome.  No cover charge. There will be an art show happening at the same time.  The concert part will (weather permitting) be outside.  The art show will be inside.  I’m playing for about 45 minutes.

Please be there.  I’m not getting paid for doing the show, so my only payment is your applause (if any).  Should be fun.  And hot.  I’m hoping to go on first then just sit back and have a couple of drinks with my friends (if any)…but I don’t know what the final schedule is going to be…so be there by 8:00!

Thanks for indulging me.  Expect to hear about it again as the week goes on.

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