Random on the Fourth…err…Fifth of July…

Happy 4th again.  It’s like 2 a.m. on the 5th, actually…but I feel like this counts since I haven’t been to bed yet.  In case you’re wondering how I spent my fourth of July, here’s a “random” type post to fill you in…

  1. I watched about 10-12 hours of “Deadliest Catch.”  Super-bummed about Captain Phil.
  2. I ate a couple of hot dogs (seemed patriotic).  Then some pizza.
  3. Caught up to the end of the current season of “How I Met Your Mother.”  I still really like the show, even though it’s starting to get a little predictable and lose some of its shine.  I think they know it’s happening.  I think they’re not planning on being around too much longer.  I mean…sooner or later Ted’s GOT to finish the story, right?  I’m thinking they’ve got another year…or two TOPS.  Haven’t heard anything about them having a target end-date, but they’re obviously getting to the point where they’re starting to tie up some loose ends, and they’re also producing some “filler” episodes.  It has the vibe of a show that KNOWS what its end is going to be, but just has to delay it for a while.  It’s still really fun and funny, though.  Just waiting on that DVD release for the commentaries and gag-reel…
  4. I typed up some ideas that I’ve had floating around for a while.  Just loose thoughts, random lyrics, etc, etc…
  5. Practiced for the gig this weekend a little bit.  I think I’m taking a list of 20-25 songs and just seeing how many I can get through in 45 minutes.  I know where I’m starting and where I’m ending…but I’m not planning on writing up an organized setlist.  Just gonna do ’em as they come to me.  This would be the first time I’ve ever done that.  (I’ll probably chicken out…)
  6. Listened to fireworks, but didn’t watch any.  For some reason I find them wholly uninteresting and kind of boring…and I always wonder why there’s got to be ONE jackass that sets one off at 1 a.m. after everyone’s gone to bed…
  7. Right now, I’m watching a Diane-era episode of “Cheers.”  The guy who played Data on Star Trek is in this one (Brent Spiner).  I always forget how much stuff he’s done.  He was on “Night Court” for a while, too…
  8. I’m thinking about going to bed…but I’m also thinking of staying up irresponsibly late because I’ve got tomorrow off.  Tough call.

…and that was my fourth.  Hope y’all managed to barbecue something.


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