A Few Quick Things…

Here are a few quick notes.  I have some other Internetting to do, but I wanted to post something really quickly…

  1. Happy 4th of July.  I guess that applies to everyone…but it’s specifically Independence Day in America.  🙂
  2. Installment #2 of EMPTY CHECKING is now online!  Sorry I didn’t get it up there before Saturday ended…but at least it made it up before the weekend’s completely gone!  Whoo!
  3. Sorry for the constant reminders…but if you’re anywhere NEAR New Town, St. Charles on next Saturday around 8:00, I’ll be playing a special solo acoustic gig at Beatnik’s.  I’ll probably do a full post about it soon.
  4. The Rush documentary (reviewed in the podcast) has made me REALLY want to see them in concert again.  They’re in town in August…  Hmm…
  5. I’ve got a revitalized energy for cleaning up and fixing up the house.  Look out drywall.  You’re getting sanded and painted SOON!

…and that’s all for now.  For more of my hogwash, check out the podcast.  I’ve gotta get to work on some stuff.  (Seriously…got actual stuff to do!)


Quotable Quotes:

  • Me to my crying baby nephew: “Boy, you’ve gotta Batman-up.”