Just seems wrong not to have a “Random” post on the page…

It’s weird.  I looked at the blog today and realized that NONE of the posts being displayed were of the “random” variety.  I guess I’ve had a lot of specifics on my mind.  So let’s do one…

  1. Exhausting day at work today.  We’re being SLAMMED with new claims and it’s been pretty busy.  That’s not BAD, mind you.  That’s how we get paid, and I’m grateful for the paycheck.  It’s just tiring.  Which I guess is why they call it “work.”  It’s still pretty fulfilling to have the president of your company say, “Good job, Derek” though.  That makes any swearing I may or may not have done under my breath—or right out loud—today totally worth it.
  2. My brother and I are going to get together tomorrow night and try to shake some of the rust off of our playing.  Gonna take an acoustic over to his house, and when the twins and/or Tessa aren’t crying and screaming, we’re going to try to play some of the Blue Tattoo stuff.  Should be good.
  3. Next episode of Doctor Who looks like it might reference something from back in the first season of the re-launch.  That’s kind of cool…but might be kind of confusing to my dad who hasn’t seen that episode…
  4. I’m pretty hungry…but I don’t have any access to buffalo wings.  That’s a shame.
  5. “Empty Checking” (my podcast) seems to be pretty well received so far.  However, a couple of people HAVE pointed out that it was a LONG one.  Yeah…it was…it was 40+ minutes…  But it’s also the first one.  I had to get my feet wet, explain the concept, etc, etc…  The next one will be more of a “I can listen to that in one sitting” length, I promise.
  6. Been cranking up the Iron Maiden and Dream Theater in preparation for the concert Dave and I are going to in Chicago on his birthday.  Looking forward to it.  I downloaded their new single, and I basically like it…but I agree with Bruce Dickinson when he rips it saying that it sounds like an MP3 and the digital medium is sucking the life out of music.  (Hmm…maybe we’ll save that for the podcast…great…now I’m thinking like this…)  But still, been loving the Maiden…and wondering what HAPPENED to Dream Theater.  Used to love those guys…but I’m finding myself seeing one of the newer songs coming on my iPod, and I’m hitting “next.”  It’s just not as good (sorry).  But I guess they’re 10 records in and they’re just doing what comes naturally or something.  It’s not that it’s BAD (and I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me).  I think it’s just a band suffering from the producers being IN the band (and seriously…who told Portnoy he could sing?!?).  They really need Kevin Shirley back to produce, if you ask me…which obviously they didn’t…  But still, I’ll buy whatever their next album is, and I might be blown away.
  7. I also busted out the “Hard Core Logo” soundtrack this week.  Part of me still wants to form the “HCL” tribute band and just play THOSE songs.  I realize that only a handful (at best) of the blog’s readers have any idea what I’m talking about…so I’ll stop…but yeah…good record.
  8. People are shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood.  Right now.  When did I become the grumpy old man who’s thinking about calling the cops on them?
  9. Which reminds me…I wonder if we get any days off for the 4th…  The 4th is Sunday.  Technically, we already have the holiday off…hmm…I should find that out so I don’t accidentally come in and work on a day I have off.  🙂

I think that’s it for now…kinda brief, compared to other “random” posts I’ve done…but whatever.  I’m kinda tired and I’m forgetting all of the things I was going to write when I started out…so I’m going to eat something and maybe go to bed early (yeah, right).


Quotable Quotes: (This one’s just for Larry)

  • Jasmine (to Derek): “My hero!”
  • Larry: “Dangit!”

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