“Empty Checking” is Online!

I’m officially a podcaster!  The inaugural “Empty Checking” podcast is now online.  You can click the tab at the top of this page and there’s a link to the audio there…OR you can visit the blog that now exists as a home to the podcast.

You can find full-posts relating to the “Empty Checking” podcast every time I do it at http://derekbrink.blogspot.com.  This blog (at WordPress) will continue being my day-to-day blog.  Think of the Blogspot one as more-or-less a business account.  It’s ONLY for things related to “Empty Checking.”  I’ll keep doing whatever it is that I do here…but that stuff’s there and there alone.  I like how the Blogspot page looks, I’ve got to say…but this is my home.  🙂

I promise that I won’t do a full post for this every time.  Usually, I’ll just put a quick note in the footer of a post or something…but this being the first one, I thought I’d give it a full post.  Hope you listen to it and enjoy it.

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