Comics, etc…

(The post title is a loose reference to a comedy club my brother used to perform at…figured I’d explain it since probably no one would get the reference, except for me–it might even have slid by Dave at first glance.  And incidentally, you should all read his thoughts on the BP oil spill on his blog toward the end of the post I’m linking to.  He makes a lot of sense…which probably means his opinion will be unpopular.  That often happens when you’re right and/or reasonable.)

Fortunately, I don’t have much to report other than what comic books I bought this week (and a couple of other things).  Sometimes wishes come true!  Monday through Wednesday were kind of tense at work, due to a shake-up at the offices of one of our clients, but things look to have settled without any major problems for us, so that’s kind of nice.  Things are still tense for our client, I think, but our office is more relaxed.  My best wishes to the client’s office as they re-group.  (It’s a long story that I don’t really want to tell publically for a variety of reasons…)

Before I get to the comic books…  Some more musical developments have occurred.  In addition to the gig on July 10 at Beatniks, I’m also going to be playing bass with the Michael Feldman Group on July 23 at Eddie’s Pub in St. Charles.  And a friend extended an offer to me to lead worship with her church on a rotating basis.  I have not yet committed to that, but I’m considering it, and for those in the religious crowd, I’d appreciate your prayers that I’ll make the right decision there, whatever it may be.  Part of me feels a little out of touch with being a worship leader, but another part of me really wants to do it…

In other news, I’m going to get to see my friend Amanda over the weekend for coffee.  Haven’t seen her since just prior to releasing the “Grounds” record, when-ever that was.  So that’ll be cool.

…and one more thing before I nerd-out…  And actually, even THIS is pretty nerdy…  I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I’m going to start up a podcast.  I’ve settled on some of the details.  So here they are:

  1. Theme – Reviews of things I’ve bought.  Might be music, might be movies, might be comic books, might be book-books, might even be food.
  2. Narrowing the theme – Likely to be a LOT of comic books discussed, as I do consistently buy them from week to week.  I get excited on new comic book day.  The guys at Fantasy Shop know my NAME now, and we spent probably a half-hour talking about the “Lost” finale on Wednesday while I was there.  I think that’s pretty cool…others…well…don’t.  And that’s fine.  It’s my life and I enjoy it.  So, yeah…expect a majority of funny-book topics…
  3. Name of the Podcast – Since it’s going to discuss a LOT of stuff that I’m buying and not just ONE subject, I needed a name that communicated what the cast is about, but also left it a little vague.  I landed on “Empty Checking.”  Still finalizing the logo.
  4. Launch date – Probably next weekend.  Maybe this weekend, if my plans for Saturday night fall through.

So there you go…

Now…the comic books.  In the future, I’ll probably limit this just to the podcast, or I might briefly keep mentioning the purchases in the footer of my posts, but not actually say anything about them except in the cast.  But for now, here’s what I bought:

  • Captain America #606 (Technically part of Marvel’s “Heroic Age” thing they’re doing right now.) – Dealing with the transition from Captain Bucky back into Steve Rogers’ Cap.  It’s slow, but sure—they’re going to do SOMETHING soon to move Bucky out of the way.  I’m just afraid they’ll kill him, right when people have JUST gotten to where they’re accepting him as Cap.  Good read and made me really want to see the next issue.
  • Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn – Pretty fun and the artist made Harley look kinda hot…and yes, I do feel bad for noticing that.
  • Joker’s Asylum II: The Mad Hatter – This one was actually kind of disturbing.  GOOD, but disturbing.
  • The Heroic Age New Avengers #1 – Haven’t read it yet.  Every time I start, I get interrupted for some reason.  Looks kinda cool, though.  The Thing is apparently one of the New Avengers.  That might be interesting.
  • …and this last one’s a little embarrassing, but I stand by it.  All of the guys from the comic store had it on their “recommended” shelves.  One of the guys there I particularly like recommended it to me personally saying, “It’s kind of just for nostalgia, but it’s really GOOD.”  And he was right.  I picked up a copy of (Disney’s) Darkwing Duck #1.  It’s based on the old cartoon show.  It’s a little darker than you’d expect, and it’s actually a legitimately GOOD read, and I’m probably going to keep reading it.  Plus, it’s kind of funny.  At one point, DD refers to himself as, “I am the terror that flaps in the night!  I am the awkward goodbye that lasts for far too long!  I am Darkwing Duck!”  Made me laugh out loud…almost as much as one of the bad guys in the Captain America issue calling Cap an “Asshat.”

And that’s been my past couple of days.  Right now I’m watching the end of a truly TERRIBLE episode of Star Trek, then I’m likely to turn in a little early.  I’ve had a little bit of an allergy-related headache today, and I’m hoping to sleep it off.

Until we meet again, I’d just like to leave you with saying “asshat” again.