Pick Up My Guitar and Play…

Been a long couple of days with stuff at work (and tomorrow could be VERY long, depending on a few factors).  Nothing BAD exactly…just a lot of stuff and some tension.  (And “tension” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad,” either…just means stress.)  I’ve been exhausted.  On the plus side, stress makes me pick up guitars (and I’ve got a *few* around).  Been playing a bunch of stuff.  Started officially rehearsing for a solo gig…

Which reminds me…  I’m playing at Beatnik’s in New Town St. Charles on July 10th (it’s not on the website, and it kinda looks like they haven’t updated most of it since March, actually…but I know first hand how easy it is to not update a website, ha ha).  I don’t have full details (start time, etc), but I know I’m doing about 45 minutes, all acoustic.  And I’ll be playing at least a few of the Blue Tattoo songs I’ve been missing playing.

Which reminds me…we (meaning me and Dave, mostly) need to address the Blue Tattoo situation very soon.  Personally, I’m about at the point that I need to just make the decision to reform the band or make the decision to do something else…the waiting is boring.  I’ve been meaning to ask Dave—and I guess this’ll do since he’ll probably read it—if it’d be cool to put some tracks from the abandoned record on the old website for free, but I keep forgetting about it.  I think the record’s pretty good (though some fixes would be needed for a full-scale release) and I hate to see the songs just SITTING.  It’s unlikely that we’ll fully release it with Chris and Johnny not in the band (though I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it)…but I’d like to see it somewhere.  And we do have a website…for some reason…

So…that’s what’s going on…hopefully, the biggest news I’ll have tomorrow is what new comic books I bought.


Current Listening:

  • Assorted Punk…Ramones, Sex Pistols, Headstones, Misfits, Damned, Black Flag…etc…  Craig Ferguson once described punk as (paraphrase) “sounding like a fight…and that made me happy.”  That’s about right.

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