Casting Call…

I’m thinking of starting a podcast.  (For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a guy sitting in front of a microphone and talking to the Internet.)  I’ll post the files here, and it’ll be done entirely through the blog (unsure where I’ll host the files at this point…but I’ll figure it out).  I just think I’d like to do it…  There are a couple of reasons why…

  1. Perhaps most of all, I have a bunch of recording equipment sitting around mocking me in its disuse at the moment.  I’m not actively doing anything worth recording right now, and when that happens, the gear seems like it was a waste of money…so I’m thinking this will be a cool way to use it, if only on my own thoughts.
  2. I’d like to do something on a regular basis that takes a little bit of preparation.  Whatever I do, I’ll make an outline of what I want to say and I’ll put some thought and/or effort into it.  I’m pretty skilled in that area, but I never make use of it anymore.  My blog posts are almost always entirely off the cuff, and since I’m not preaching these days, I find myself with absolutely no need to use my skills at organizing thoughts into a single message.  I’ve missed doing that kind of thing, and this might be a fun exercise to flex those muscles (though I likely won’t be doing any religious podcasts, because the only thing people find more boring than church is Internet church).
  3. My blog traffic has been up lately and adding a podcast would be another thing to offer to visitors.  My traffic was really low for a long time…but ever since I posted those Nickelback jokes a couple of months ago, the numbers have gone up and stayed up.  And since I started regularly talking about comic books, they’ve gone up again.  Wish more people would start COMMENTING…but at least they’re reading.  🙂
  4. I like the sound of my own voice.
  5. I’m bored.

Now…what will it be ABOUT, exactly.  Hmm…good question.  I’ve got a few ideas…but I’m leaning toward it being mostly about comic books and/or music, since those seem to be the main things attracting new people.  I’m honestly leaning more toward comic books…  I love comic books, but I get bored of writing about them.  I can TALK about them for hours, though…so maybe that’s the way to go…  Or maybe just a pop-culture podcast?  Or maybe a podcast revolving around things I’ve recently purchased (music/comics/books/movies/etc)?  I’m not quite sure yet.  I don’t want to fall into the “everything/nothing” category…I’d like to have a focused theme…I’m just not sure what the theme IS yet…which is why I haven’t recorded anything yet.  (I’d appreciate any suggestions, if anyone wants to offer one.)

I also don’t know what to NAME it.  I don’t just want to do “Things I Meant to Podcast.”  That’s a little too easy/obvious…but I don’t know what else to call it…  I’d appreciate thoughts on that, too.

So…that’s on my mind…  I’d imagine I’ll get that up and running within about a month…but I need to make the above decisions before I can get started.

…anyway…  Keep an eye out…


Current Watching:

  • Just re-watched the last episode of “Lost” and still liked it.
  • Watching LAST week’s “Doctor Who” and awaiting THIS week’s episode.