Oh right…I have a blog…

Wow…haven’t blogged since Monday.  Sorry.

Got a few things on my mind, so let’s do that “random” thing I do so well…or at least so often…

  1. Had a discussion on Facebook that began with a friend of mine suggesting that Kings of Leon and Muse are the biggest rock bands in the world right now.  I disagreed, saying that as long as U2 is a band, THEY are the biggest rock band in the world.  (Of course, we’re limiting this to bands that are still working, or it would begin and end with the Beatles.)  Other names were suggested.  Some made sense, like Metallica.  Some came from the dimension of face-palm, like Green Day (who, yes, are remarkably successful for what they are…but I’ll be in my cold, cold grave before I recognize them as the biggest band in rock…or before I recognize them as the same guys who released “Dookie,” but that’s another rant for another time).  Personally, I stand by U2, based just on recognition—even though I haven’t really been fully gripped by one of their records since, “All that You Can’t Leave Behind.”  (Though “Atomic Bomb” was pretty good.)  I can’t name you even ONE individual person from Muse or KoL.  I can’t remember the drummer from Green Day’s name.  I’m struggling to remember how many people have been through Metallica’s revolving-door over the years.  But U2 has been Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for decades.  Always constant.  Always a household name.  And that works for me.  …but mostly, I’m just writing this because I promised Mic a full diatribe about it…and this is as much as I’ve got the energy for right now.  🙂
  2. Bummed that the comic book store didn’t have the comic book version of Neil Young’s “Greendale.”  According to the guy at the desk (whose name I should really learn at some point, since he knows mine), the entire franchise (Fantasy Shop) was shorted their copies of it.  Guess I’ve got some digging to do this weekend…what are the odds that it’ll turn up at Borders?
  3. Work’s going well.  I’ve been basically caught-up since starting my new duties…which is kind of a new thing for me, ha ha.  I’m enjoying the new stuff, and I think I’m pretty good at it.  It’s pretty fulfilling to go into work in the morning and leave at night knowing that you won’t start the next day massively behind.
  4. My back’s been killing me lately.  Dunno if it’s related to the fall down the stairs on Memorial Day or if I’m sleeping in funny positions or what…but it’s been irritating.
  5. I think I need more Vess Soda in my life…mostly cream, orange, strawberry, and black cherry…
  6. I mentioned this on Facebook, but thought I should mention it here, too…  I briefly considered getting a Twitter account this week, in order to briefly register complaints against society.  Just thought it’d be interesting to put in the margin of the blog…  But then I realized that I’m not sure anyone needs a page of 2000 20-word posts from me, all beginning with the phrase, “I hate…” and ending with, “…so f*** them!”  So I’m not going to do that…however, I did come up with a pretty cool name for that page, should I ever change my mind: “Tweets of Hate.”  I like that…  But it’d just be one more useless piece of fad internettery to log into and forget about.  (I’m actually still surprized I keep up with the blog and Facebook as much as I do, to be honest with you.)
  7. Re: The BP Oil Spill.  I get why everyone’s so mad about it, and I agree that it’s sad and upsetting.  But seriously…what are they supposed to do?  I’m not hearing any solutions…I’m only hearing “Boycott BP!” and “They Need to DO SOMETHING!”  Okay…what?  What do they need to do?  I haven’t got any answers.  Do you?  Does anyone?  It’s not like no one’s working on it.  Maybe this could’ve all been avoided had we begun the move away from Big Oil as a society a decade or two ago (maybe after the Exxon or Iraq War spills?)…but I guess shared culpability just isn’t something we’re interested in, huh?  But seriously…what’s the solution?  And how, exactly, is boycotting BP and taking money out of their pockets supposed to help them have the money and resources to deal with the problem?  Side issue, I know…but you can’t have it both ways.  You can either ask them to fix it or ask them to close their doors…not both.
  8. Thanks a lot, society, for making me sound like a Republican on that one…
  9. Allergies have been making my head hurt and making me generally grumpy, especially in the mornings.  So take THAT, other drivers on the road.
  10. I don’t miss “Lost” all that much…but that’s mostly because Jorge Garcia’s still blogging.
  11. There’s this place near where I work (I won’t name them, in case you love them) whose food is NOT good…but from whom I keep ordering.  I don’t know why I don’t learn…  (Chicken wings weren’t bad, though, I guess…)

…and that’s enough for now.  Hopefully I’ll have something more to say over the weekend.  Got a couple of things that could turn into full posts, rather than the “random” thing…so we’ll see if we can’t work those up in the next day or two. 

Happy Friday, everyone.


This Week’s Comic Book Purchases:

  • Batman #700 — Which was written by Grant Morrison and is therefore much more disjointed and disappointing than it should have been.  Seriously…why do people think this guy’s the savior of DC???  All he’s done is kill (then resurrect) Bruce Wayne, make Superman save the world by singing (in one of the biggest WTF moments in “Final Crisis”), and name drop a bunch of best-forgotten villains in pretty much anything he’s touched (Egg Fu, anyone?!?).  Batman franchise, I’m going to say this only once…PLEASE bring back Jeph Loeb.  I know he’s exclusive to Marvel…but do what it takes.  HE is why Marvel’s winning and you’re…well…Morrisoning it up.  (That’s right.  I made his name a verb.  A negative verb.)  This should have been a landmark, awesome issue…but it’s just not.  It’s not “issue 700” quality…sorry.  (But at least it’s not as absurd as most of the Bob Kane era…)
  • The Unwritten #14 — Although I’m STILL looking for a copy of issue #6 before I can catch up that far!
  • Sam & Twitch: The Writer #3 (of 4).
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #3.
  • Uncanny X-Men #525