Let’s Keep it Random

Here’s more random stuff outta my noggin…

  1. Actually got some new comics today!  Yay!  Kind of a light week…only picked up the “Joker’s Asylum: The Riddler” issue and the “Red Hood” thing the Batman people are doing…but next week has about seven titles I’m interested in, so that’ll be cool.  Among them is the comic book version of Neil Young’s “Greendale.”  That should be a really cool read (assuming I can find it), as that’s one of my favorite Neil Young records.  I’m sure I’ll talk about it more when/if I read it.
  2. Good day at work today!  I got all caught up and I’m falling into a decent rhythm with the new stuff I’m doing.  I think I might actually like this more than what I was doing before—and I really liked that!
  3. Listened to the new record by The Hold Steady today.  Strong release.  Not as immediately catchy as their last one (“Stay Positive”) but “Heaven is Whenever” is a really good listen…bound to hit my top ten for 2010.
  4. I could use a couple of weeks of not spending any money.  That’d be good…
  5. Which reminds me…I might be out of checks…so sorry if rent’s a little late, Dad.  Meant to tell you that in person, but I keep forgetting.  I’m still looking…but I might be out.
  6. FYI – A couple of people have asked me what guitar I’m going to buy to mark my 30th birthday.  The answer is that I don’t think I can afford it.  For once, I’m doing the responsible thing and NOT buying a new guitar just because it’s there.  I meant to save up for that…but I didn’t…so this year will most-likely go by new-guitar-free.  Plus, I’m not really working regularly in a band at the moment…so it’s not like I’d be putting it to use any time soon.  Not a very practical purchase at this point.  (But if I did…it might be a Gretsch Chet Atkins…or a Gibson Hummingbird…something like that…)
  7. I kind of want to go to bed…but laundry’s in the dryer and still weirdly moist and warm.  Gotta wait it out.  Sigh…
  8. On the one hand…rest in peace, Rue McClanahan.  On the other hand…congratulations, Betty White.
  9. A couple of friends of mine have gone to Gatlinburg, TN for their wedding anniversary.  I tried to sell them on picking up some gen-u-ine Alewine Pottery…we’ll see how that plays out.  🙂  (Took my own Alewine mug in to work today, in fact.  I’ve missed drinking coffee out of a real mug!)
  10. Still need to buy myself a new straw hat…I should really get on that before the season’s over…
  11. So this is weird…  I have a small, slightly skinned area on my right arm from where I fell down the stairs on Sunday.  I put one of those band-aids with the antibiotic stuff on it over the wound.  It got worse.  The wound got redder, the skin got drier, and it hurt more.  That’s like…the EXACT OPPOSITE of what’s supposed to happen, isn’t it?

That’s all…gonna watch some “Big Bang Theory” until the laundry’s done.