Random Stuff

Yup…this again…

  1. Went to the comic book store today and didn’t find any of the stuff I was looking for…for a while, I was operating under the assumption that either (a) it was Free Comic Book Day or (b) I’d just gotten there too late to get the new releases.  Then I remembered…new comic book day is TOMORROW this week.  Oops.  I did pick up a few issues of “The Unwritten” which I’ve just gotten into…but I’m missing a couple I NEED to read to make that timeline make any sense…maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow…when I go back…like an idiot.
  2. My niece Melody has a double-ear infection at the least…or cholic at the worst.  Sucks for her…but sucks worse for everyone that has to listen to her cry for three hours in a row, multiple times a day.  (Which, fortunately, isn’t me…but bummer for Dave and Valerie.)
  3. Lights went out last night, thanks to a storm.  That sucked.  Got ridiculously hot.  Couldn’t sleep.  Ameren still sucks, even after all these years.
  4. Listened to Hank Williams III’s new one today.  Short review…  Better than “Damn Right, Rebel Proud.” Not as good as the prior three.  It’s a little closer to what I like out of the guy—especially in subject matter, for the most part—but just isn’t quite as immediately catchy as, say “Lovesick, Broke and Driftin.'”  But after 2 listens, there’s some pretty good stuff on there.  I’m not EXCITED about it…but I like it a lot better than the last one.
  5. I think I mentioned that I’m learning a new job at work.  It’s going okay…but I’m still a little slower at it than I need to be.  But, to be fair, yesterday was my first full day of doing SOME of it…and today was my first full day of doing ALL of it.  Then my boss mentioned that I might be spending part of tomorrow watching the person who last did the job do it for a little bit, just to see how someone who does it regularly does it.  (I’m pretty sure that WASN’T his way of saying, “You suck at this…watch Jamie.”  I think he just wants to train me up as well as possible, and most jobs tend to include a step like that one, which we hadn’t had time to do yet.)  It’s got some difficult aspects, but in all I think I actually like it a little better than what I was doing before.
  6. I really want some cabbage right now.  Hoping I forget about that by morning.
  7.  I was driving home from work the other night and came upon a crowd of pro-Israel protesters standing across the street from a group of pro-Palestine protesters.  There was much yelling and some stuff being thrown (I’m not sure if that made the news or not…but it was happening).  It was kind of intense.  Then, about 20 or so feet away from all that, there were two older guys holding a big sign that read, “9/11 was an Inside Job.”  For some reason, no one was particularly bothering them or paying them any attention.  Who knew that we’d reach a time and place where the 9/11 conspiracy crowd would be the lesser of three crazies?
  8. For the record…  Here are my thoughts on the Israel/Palestine debate, in a nutshell. — I live in Missouri.  And that pretty much sums it up.
  9. There is currently another storm moving into the area.  If the power goes out again, I’m going to punch the first Ameren worker I meet.  (That’s not too serious a threat…in 30 years, I’ve never met one.)  Doesn’t sound too serious, considering I just heard a plane go overhead…but still…  I’m going to have to irritatingly remind you all that this crap RARELY happens in my beloved Winter.

…and that’ll do it for now.  I’m a little bored and don’t have much to say.  Here’s hoping something awesome and worth writing about happens tomorrow.

On Being 30

I toyed around with several ideas on how to write a post on the topic of my 30th birthday…and I’ve landed on a more or less “themed-random” thing.  So let’s go…

  1. My 30th birthday was May 29th.  Celebrated at Blueberry Hill.  Thanks to everybody that came.  Had a good amount of people in and out over the course of the evening.  Some were there for five minutes.  Some for five hours.  All in all, it was pretty cool to see everybody—especially those I haven’t seen in a long time and/or that I didn’t expect to show up.  Really memorable night, and I really appreciate the well wishes…and the burger…and the Boddington’s…
  2. As cool as it was to see everybody…  The night ended with my Dad, brother, and the Heeleys hanging out around a table with me.  Kind of cool to end the evening with some of the people I’ve known for the longest in my life.
  3. Sunday, I went to the Gluttons‘ Memorial Day Pignic (yes…it’s spelled with a “g”).  Lots of food and drinks.  Hung out with a bunch of people who’ve known me all my life and got a bunch of “happy-birthdays” there, too.  Also got congratulated several times on the birth of *MY* twins…apparently, some people don’t know which one of us is Dave and which one’s Derek.  I didn’t even bother correcting the last guy.
  4. Toward the end of the day on Sunday, I was sitting next to a guy who’s fun to be around, but sometimes forgets that he’s a rugby player and the rest of us are weak, fat people.  He laughed at something (I don’t know what) and slapped me on my knee.  It was a familial thing, so I laughed along…when in truth, the slap to the knee made my toes tingle, such is the dude’s girth.  After a little while, I got up to say my goodbyes (it was kind of late in the day—though not quite dark outside yet—and I was getting sleepy).  I saw a friend of mine over to the side of the house (off the back of the deck) that I wanted to say goodbye to, so I started walking back to say goodbye…  And my knee buckled…and THAT’S how I fell down the stairs.  Landed on my knees (they’re still a little wobbly, in case you’re wondering).  I believe my exact clever, witty, face-saving line of recovery was, “Well, f**k…” at which point, I got up, said goodbye to Jon and went home to a hot bath to help my knees loosen up.  Other than that, though…Sunday was awesome, too.
  5. On Monday, we did the actual family get-together and meal (along with gift-giving).  Got some really cool stuff.  Ate a GREAT steak and lobster tail at Outback (the Victoria’s Filet might just be my new favorite steak at their restaurant), a nice cake with my name on it, and got to hang out with the nieces and nephew for a bit.  That was also awesome.  At one point, Tessa (the 2-year-old niece, for those keeping score) started pulling books down off of Dave and Valerie’s shelves and handed me about nine of them.  Had to hold on to them until she lost interest.  For a while, it felt like I was back working at the Library again.  🙂
  6. Okay…now here’s the reflective part…  People kept asking me, “So how’s it feel to be 30” and most of them had a somewhat “serious” tone in their voices…like 30’s a big deal.  Apparently, there’s still a social stigma that 30 is the age where you’re supposed to feel like you’ve got it all together (I don’t, by the way) and you know what you’re doing with your life (I’m about 50/50 on that).  I don’t think that way, personally…but apparently people expected me to.  That makes sense…they were just using past-experience of being my friends over the past 30 years to determine that since (a) I am a pessimist and (b) I tend to be moody I might (c) be a little bummed out by turning 30.  So…let me just say, for the record, I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH BEING 30.  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life—EVER—and I don’t feel the need to worry about my age.  I like my birthday.  I ascribe to the Sammy Hagar philosophy that my birthday is MY new year, when I renew and get to make the best of another year of life.  So to see the odometer roll over to an age ending in “o” is actually pretty cool.

…and that pretty much brings us up to speed.


Recent Music Acquisitions (some from my birthday…some that I just picked up today):

  1. Willie Nelson – Country Music (which is amazing, btw)
  2. Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground & Nico, White Light/White Heat
  3. Hank Williams III – Rebel Within (which I haven’t listened to yet…but the black teller I bought it from looked at me funny when I handed her a CD with a picture of the Rebel Flag on it—and rightly so…come on “III”—whose real first name is Shelton—even your DAD knows better than that!)
  4. The Who – Greatest Hits Live
  5. The Hold Steady – Heaven is Whenever
  6. Lou Reed – Transformer (which I’m embarrassed that I only had as a digital download prior to this week)
  7. Beatles – Sgt. Pepper remaster

Tomorrow…comic books!  🙂