Thank God they don’t look like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Or, “I finally figured out how to reference the movie ‘Twins’ in the blog title.”)

Finally saw the twins…and finally posting pics.  First one’s from Dave’s phone.  Other two are from mine.  Sorry mine are of lesser quality.  My cell phone doesn’t seem to like warm lighting and takes kind of fuzzy shots sometimes.  Mine aren’t necessarily the best pics of anyone, mostly due to lighting and/or motion blur…but it’s what I’ve got.  (Plus, I wasn’t exactly saying, “okay…everybody look at me and say cheese!” or anything.)

This is them on the day they were born. It was taken on Dave's phone. I'm mainly posting it so you can see the difference between how good a picture his phone takes and how bad a picture mine takes. Patterson's on the left, Melody's on the right.


Dogpile on Daddy! Left to right - Valerie, Dave, Patterson, Tessa, and Melody. Patterson, as you can see, didn't bother waking up for most of the time I was there. (This is now my phone's caller-ID pic for their house, btw.)
Same basic shot...except in this one Tessa's waving, and I thought that was cute.

So there you go…


Comic books purchased this week:

  • The Return of Bruce Wayne – Issue #2
  • Sam and Twitch: The Writer (by Todd Mc Farlane of “Spawn” fame) – Issues 1 & 2
  • Justice League: Generation Lost – Issues 1 & 2
  • Batman Detective Comics – Issues 864 & 865

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