I ate a lot of peanuts today, but that has nothing to do with this post at all, so don’t dwell on it.

Well, my 2-year-old niece has bronchitis…so I’m not meeting the twins until at least over the weekend and possibly not until next week.  That sucks…  I think I’m the only one in the family who hasn’t seen them yet.  I probably should’ve gone by yesterday instead of being considerate.  🙂

I’ve been keeping busy, though.  I’m building a website for my friend and co-worker Tara.  She’s a photographer, and she’s really good at it…it’s been a good experience, and it’s almost done.  Been a little frustrating, mostly because GoDaddy has lots of little steps that I’ve not had to deal with before…but it’s still been a good learning experience.  I’ll post a link once it’s fully done.  Hoping to get some work in on it tonight, in fact.

I also need to busy myself tonight by logging in to my work-account and playing catch-up.  I took a day off two weeks ago with a stomach problem and I’ve just been behind ever since…  That’s really frustrating.  There’s not much that can be done about it, except for pulling some extra hours…  And while I’m cool with that, I don’t want it to look like I’m abusing the program just to get overtime.  I’ve never been the kind of guy that’s cared much about putting in a couple of hours I don’t get paid for…but our system isn’t really set up for that.  (For the record, I DO care about putting in a LOT of hours I don’t get paid for…but that’s not the issue right now, because my bosses are good folks and don’t do that to us—and I’m saying that in the belief that they don’t read my blog…so let’s move on.)  So, yeah…I should really stop blogging and start working.

…yet I have all these comic books to read!

Not quite enough to be a “Random” post but kind of close. Also I’m wondering how many characters these blog titles will hold. Apparently quite a few. Wow.

Wednesday is new comic book day.  I’ve just recently gotten back into collecting single-issues, thanks to the “Return of Bruce Wayne” Batman arc that’s going on.  Today, I picked up a few Batman back issues, and first issues of the Legion of Super-Heroes and The Avengers.  I also grabbed a variant cover of the afore-mentioned “Bruce Wayne” arc.  (Variant covers, for those who don’t know, are sought after and usually sell for decent prices years later.)  I got mine for 1/2 price because the back cover was damaged—which is an interesting gamble.  Will it be so sought after that it will still be worth more, even WITH the cover damage?  Time will tell.  Mostly, I just considered the price reduction a victory. A nerdy, nerdy vistory.

In other news…didn’t get out to see the twins—bummer!  Tessa (my 2-year-old niece) is sick and my brother’s staying home with her…which leaves Valerie alone with the twins.  Now, you may think it would’ve been nice of me to go out and help…but for one, I’m useless with a baby.  Don’t know how to change diapers, nervous holding them, and so on…  But for another thing, I figured that sooner or later the twins would go to sleep and Valerie should sleep when they do.  Figured I’d just be in the way if I were there keeping her and/or them awake.  So, we’ll meet them when we meet them.  Maybe tomorrow…maybe over the weekend.

On a related note, when I called my brother today to ask about coming out to the hospital, I got to hear about Patterson’s circumcision.  Unpleasant.  Then I mentioned it at the office (just briefly—about as much as I just said here) and had to hear about one of my co-worker’s son’s circumcisions.  So I’ve heard enough about penises for a little while, in case any of you were hoping to help me meet my monthly quota on the subject.

And finally…  I finished Kurt Vonnegut’s “Player Piano” tonight.  It was his first book.  You can kind of tell, too.  It’s not bad—in fact the story is really applicable even in today’s world…but it doesn’t quite have his same level of humor and it’s missing some of the Vonnegut hallmarks…plus it’s just kind of long.  All in all, still worth the read, but not in my top 5 for his works.


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